The refugee crisis in Europe has caused many indigenous European peoples to question the socio-cultural elements being introduced to their country by Muslim immigrants, and rightly so. In January 2015, Muslim refugee Mufiz Rahaman was accepted in Australia as a refugee, raping a ten-year-old boy a little over two years later, stating that “was culturally acceptable to rape children in his homeland.” 

Furthermore, in April 2015, a Somalian Muslim refugee named Ahmed Abdi resettled in the Unites States, taking up residence in Minneapolis. As Abdi was charged with two counts of first degree sexual assault on a 10 year old girl, mainstream news outlets refrained from commentating on his socio-cultural background. 

In 2016, an anti-pedophilia bill was rejected by the country of Pakistan on the basis of being “anti-Islamic.” Pakistan, a country where the population is approximately 96% Muslim, has recognized that anti-pedophilia sentiment is intrinsically at odds with its religion and socio-political ethics.  

Countless cases like the three listed above occur regularly, arguably because predominately Muslim countries are notorious for the raping of street children, with some sources putting the amount of street children sexually abused by grown men in Pakistan at upwards of 90%. 

Perhaps the most interesting development concerning the prevalence of a pedophile culture in Islamic societies is the publication of pedophiliac tendencies and prevalence per country. In the beginning of 2016, Google Trends provided insight on the perverse world of pedophilia in majority-Muslim countries.  

The term “sexy children” was Googled most in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Philippines, and Indonesia. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Indonesia, all boasting at least a 90% population of Muslims. Moreover, the term “child sex” was Googled most in Bangladesh, which boasts a similar high statistic of Muslim citizens. For search terms such as “Boy sex,” “Man boy sex,” and “Man girl sex,” the notoriously Muslim country Pakistan scored top marks. 

See the following chart, comparing a list of pedophilia-related search terms by placement per country, courtesy of Shoebat

The prevalence of Muslim pedophiles on the internet is astonishing; however, considering that the Muslim Prophet Muhammed meets the contemporary diagnosis for qualifying as a pedophile, it is not actually too difficult to believe. Muhammed notoriously married a six-year-old girl, named Aisha, and consummated the marriage with sexual intercourse only three years later. Rampant pedophilia in Islamic culture is the legacy of the Great Prophet. 

Islamic society, therefore, is heavily entrenched in pedophiliac tendencies, as revealed by Google Trends. The massive influx of foreign nationals who hail from Muslim-majority countries, therefore, are justified in their concerns regarding the ethical degradation of their nation. However, not all Europeans share this concern, and many political leaders welcome the drastic moral differences of Islam with open arms. 

Angela Merkel has stated that there will be no “upper limit” on the amount of Islamic refugees being received by Germany, and other German politicians have celebrated the fact that Germans will soon become a minority in their own country. Europe, once a country of outstanding moral splendor, is slowly falling prey to the pedophilia-induced practices of Islamic nationals. It is bewildering that such a blind acceptance of a morally reprehensible religious populace is being welcomed into a land where such practices are held in absolute contempt is being held by the European elite in the name of progressivism, multiculturalism, and tolerance.