Happy Mother’s Day: How the Left preys on this instinct in women to encourage more third world immigration


Happy mothers day everyone, it’s on this day that we celebrate the necessary force behind the survival of mankind motherhood. Yes, the maternal instinct that is biologically programmed into women is one of the most crucial to survival. Without the maternal instinct, human development from the infant state would be a disaster. This instinct keeps adult women in tune with the needs of the infant and is the driving force behind decisions she makes to create a better future for humanity.

Now, this is not to downplay the equally necessary role the male plays as the father, which studies have shown that having an absent father leads to criminal behavior, but that is a subject for Father’s Day.

Maternal instinct is an intrinsic part of the wiring of women and that is, as a whole, a good thing because of the necessary role it plays, as previously stated, in the development of children. But as with most basic biological instincts that are intrinsic within humans it can be used as a weapon to further political ambitions of the devious.

What do I mean by this, how could something so productive and innocent such as a maternal instinct be used as a weapon. Well, this is more common than you think and it’s as old as women’s involvement in politics. You see because women have this inner instinct to care, nurture and supply the needs of children, you can use that against them by portraying something as childlike to trigger that response within women to support that cause. To give you an example take the refugee crisis in Europe in which the supporters are overwhelmingly women. Why is that you ask because there was a strong effort by the media to show these refugees as helpless and vulnerable giving them traits of children to elicit a response from women to welcome them into the West.

But now you may be thinking wouldn’t the maternal instinct help to counter something like the refugee crisis if she had her own children because she would want a better future of her own children over that of these refugees being portrayed as children. And that is true a lot of mothers join the right because they have children and want the best future possible for them. Like Dana Loesch who used to be a feminist but then after having two sons, she realized what an awful world feminism was creating for boys and wanted a better future for them.

And that leads me to my second point. The people who portray the refugees as children to force them into the West understand that if women have their own biological children they will place the needs of them over that of something that merely has the characteristics of them. And that is why you see this push to stop women from having children especially when it comes to white women. That is because they understand the maternal instinct and they know try as they might to portray something in an emotional childlike manner in order to elicit a positive response from women it will never us stand up to the real deal. And that is why it is entirely necessary to campaign against women reproducing and that is why you see so much cultural Marxist propaganda floating around trying to prevent women from performing the miracle of birth.

All intrinsic parts of human nature can be used against humanity that is why it is so important to understand how exactly they use it against you so that you can defend yourself from such propaganda. And why it is so important when it comes to politics to remove your personal emotions from it so that you can make better decisions.