4chan is an internet image-based forum where users can interact anonymously in threads and subthreads, spanning deep into the recesses of the internet. Birthed from the basement of 15-year-old Christopher Poole, who is now an employee at Google as of 2016, 4chan quickly developed a distinct identity that was radically different from other internet forums from its time. Boards such as /r9k/ and /new/ (later rebranded as /pol/) were eventually deleted by Poole because of their increasingly racist content. 

4chan, however, has never really died, and developed an identity entirely separate from its founder’s insight or foresight. Although the majority of the internet forum is filled with anime, memes, copious amounts of weird pornography, and political incorrectness, 4chan has acquired a sort of role akin to that of an intelligent agency. 

The basement-dwellers and cave trolls on 4chan have shown themselves to be more than a fierce enemy when reckoned with, and their exposure to the general Western populace has increased dramatically sense the presidential election of 2016. According to Alexa, traffic to the controversial website skyrocketed in early April 2017, and is currently the 71st most popular website in the United States. Which, for an internet forum, is absolutely insane. 

The rally in Charlottesville, VA in August 2017, titled, “Unite the Right,” revealed a side of 4chan that most of the world was perhaps ignorant of. That is, the malicious forum’s ability to identify, dox, and help convict certain individuals, specifically Antifa members who violently assault others. 

Eric Clanton, former professor of “ethics” at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA.

This new identity was manifested through the arrest of Eric Clanton, a an Antifa activist who, while cowardly hiding behind a face mask sent another man to the hospital with a major open head wound after smashing him repeatedly with a metal bike lock. Days after this event, a rally to identify and locate this man could be seen on 4chan’s /pol/ board. His identity is none other than Eric Clanton, a Professor of Ethics who is now being charged for four accounts of assault with a deadly weapon. See the result of 4chan’s “weaponized autism” here


Brent Betterly, former convict and associate of the Occupy movement.

4chan’s ability to identify and dox individuals is unquestionable, and a similar instance occurred shortly thereafter in the collective attempt to identify the attacker of a veteran. This time, the predator was a former leftist convict by the name of Brent Betterly, who has a notorious history for domestic terrorism. 

In addition to these two specific cases of identifying Antifa members, 4chan has announced plans for an initiative titled Operation Lenin Down, where a particular statue of the 20th century communist Vladimir Lenin will be taken down in the same manner that Antifa insists on destructing Confederate statues. 

4chan, a website that began as a memetic internet forum, has developed into a mature medium that is bent on protecting free speech and destroying the progressive left. It is no longer a shitty forum where stale memes are exchanged – it is a veteran internet medium where reactionaries take action. It is, in every sense of the word, a decentralized Intelligence Agency, capable of ruining the lives of individuals through the power of weaponized autism.