Since the Harvey Weinstein incident, sexual misconduct has come to the forefront of the American public’s attention. In less than two months, a horde of Hollywood directors, actors, and various affiliated personnel have been exposed for committing illegal sexual acts, including assault and pedophilia.

For the most part, everyone around the political spectrum condemns sexual misconduct in every form. This is perhaps best seen in wake of the recent allegations thrown against Roy Moore. Several Republican politicians, including John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger, have all publicly condemned Moore.

However, there is a part of this story that needs to be examined a little closer.

Vice President Mike Pence has a rule. In 2002, Pence told The Hill that, “he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.” This is a great exercise in fidelity and discipline, and should more public figures follow Moore’s example, they would find themselves lacking any sexual abuse allegations.

Shortly, after the presidential election, Pence was heavily scrutinized for his “old-fashioned” character, and many on the progressive left began to virtue signal, as they do best. Many began to insist that Pence was a misogynist of sorts, or that he was actively trying to undermine women’s place in society by treating them differently on the basis of their gender. Yet, after the swarm of sexual abuse allegations that have emerged, Pence’s rule seems quite welcoming at this point.

And here lies the hypocrisy among the left. Radical feminists criticize Pence’s rule of not eating dinner with any woman except for his wife, and yet, they will likewise be outraged by scandals such as the many sexual abuse allegations making their rounds in Hollywood. There is no satisfying the demands of feminism, because feminism has no endgame. Feminism’s ultimate goal is to empower women by any means possible, and that includes forsaking the principles of equality. 

Either we are doing too little, or too much. Either we are reserved fundamentalists, or rabid sex offenders. Or, at least, so goes the radical feminist narrative. From this type of projection, where feminists imagine every man in the world as their deplorable ex-boyfriend, it is understandable that women would inevitably victimize themselves with the viral hashtag #MeToo

#MeToo is an example of the infantilization of femininity in Western society, whereby women are taught that they are victims of an unseen, abstract entity; that is, the Patriarchy. Through placing the blame of whatever predicament may have befallen them, feminism has engineered a type of religious following, whereby whosoever disagrees with the conclusions of such a belief system are socially shamed into ideological submission. 

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