Since the Harvey Weinstein incident, sexual misconduct has come to the forefront of the American public’s attention. In less than two months, a horde of Hollywood directors, actors, and various affiliated personnel have been exposed for committing illegal sexual acts, including assault and pedophilia.

For the most part, everyone around the political spectrum condemns sexual misconduct in every form. This is perhaps best seen in wake of the recent allegations thrown against Roy Moore. Several Republican politicians, including John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger, have all publicly condemned Moore.

However, there is a part of this story that needs to be examined a little closer.


Vice President Mike Pence has a rule. In 2002, Pence told The Hill that, “he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.” This is a great exercise in fidelity and discipline, and should more public figures follow Moore’s example, they would find themselves lacking any sexual abuse allegations.

Shortly, after the presidential election, Pence was heavily scrutinized for his “old-fashioned” character, and many on the progressive left began to virtue signal, as they do best. Many began to insist that Pence was a misogynist of sorts, or that he was actively trying to undermine women’s place in society by treating them differently on the basis of their gender. Yet, after the swarm of sexual abuse allegations that have emerged, Pence’s rule seems quite welcoming at this point.

And here lies the hypocrisy among the left. Radical feminists criticize Pence’s rule of not eating dinner with any woman except for his wife, and yet, they will likewise be outraged by scandals such as the many sexual abuse allegations making their rounds in Hollywood. There is no satisfying the demands of feminism, because feminism has no endgame. Feminism’s ultimate goal is to empower women by any means possible, and that includes forsaking the principles of equality. 

Either we are doing too little, or too much. Either we are reserved fundamentalists, or rabid sex offenders. Or, at least, so goes the radical feminist narrative. From this type of projection, where feminists imagine every man in the world as their deplorable ex-boyfriend, it is understandable that women would inevitably victimize themselves with the viral hashtag #MeToo

#MeToo is an example of the infantilization of femininity in Western society, whereby women are taught that they are victims of an unseen, abstract entity; that is, the Patriarchy. Through placing the blame of whatever predicament may have befallen them, feminism has engineered a type of religious following, whereby whosoever disagrees with the conclusions of such a belief system are socially shamed into ideological submission. 

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  • Aura Mitchell

    To all the man hating feminist, fuck off. This is simply ruining everything. I can barely enjoy sex or believe in women because it it and my experiences with women for a life time. MGTOW.

    • efbeye

      Sounds like what the majority of women have to live with…

      • thewatercarrier

        Well congratulations efbeye, a couple of years ago men might actually have cared but thanks to the men hating feminists we don’t care anymore, and the number of men who feel this way is growing exponentially.

        • efbeye

          If men cared a couple years ago, we wouldn’t have the allegations, now. >.> This is just an article for a bunch of men who hate women. You say “feminists hate men” but look at yourselves and what you’re saying. It’s not any better, dear.

          • Trollio

            bullsh*t. Bottom line: Women became selfish whores and ruined society.

          • efbeye

            Women don’t like being mens objects (how the feminist movement started) and that makes them selfish? lmao Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

          • pablo rom

            You have a confusion quite prevalent among libtards. You confuse women with feminists. I will differentiate them for you: women are a segment of humans beings, more or less imperfect in their own peculiar ways. Feminists are dumb women and manginas that hate men & are stupid enough to think, and articulate a narrative around the idea that women are superior to men.

          • efbeye

            You think superior is equal to “not an object of”?

          • efbeye

            Honestly you guys suck at arguing or debate. It’s too easy. You’re idiots. If you’re going to argue with someone, reply with a question. You all give too much away. It’s too easy to troll you. You’re too emotional. Good day sirs. 😂😂😂

            PS. Women are better. 😂😂😂

          • Matthew Murray

            How are women better?

          • Aura Mitchell

            Women do nothing without men. You wouldn’t be on this internet, working in buildings, diving in a car on a road. Fuck former man bruve jenner won woman of the year.

            We start life, and leave you a rag when you done. We age better, our value perpetuates with age, you got the wall 30s if you lucky. We don’t bleed monthly either. We don’t rely on a gynocentric society.

            You’ll never be able to grab your Clitorous and jack off and pregnant a woman. I sense resentment.

          • pablo rom

            ‘You think superior is equal to “not an object of”?’ What kind of crap is that??? ‘Women are better’ You consider yourself superior????? You’re as dumb as the average dumb feminist. And no, by answering, I’m not giving you any power, that is just some stupid mental enchilada. By answering you I’m simply debunking your crap. Do you know why feminists are so dumb? For one, they consider themselves superior, as you just wrote. Con you enlighten the world in what aspects in your mind you think you’re superior to men?

          • Aura Mitchell

            Mothers kill their children 3-4 times the rate as fathers. Remember a man became woman of the year(Thank you kaitlan). See the infrastructure of the country. 95%+ men. You’re welcome for the security, schools, roads, electricity, water. We didn’t set the bar, we built it. You give birth, but remember we come from our fathers nutsake first. Jordan Peterson owns feminist.

          • phaidros52

            And why dont women have no prob at all to make men to objects, actually in the most brutal for m there is – as a dildo a man reduced to his penis?

          • Aura Mitchell

            Kind of like women using men as financial objects. Fuck out of here.

          • Aura Mitchell

            And destroyed marriage by getting cuckold men to give them everything after divorce.

            They can get their own rent, car, food whatever, we don’t have to slave for that shit.

          • Aura Mitchell

            I have nothing to do with those men. Your dumb ass keeps generalizing. You all men. Feminist, women who are feminist. Most don’t believe in the societal accepted hate group.

          • just someguy

            so a tiny, fractional, barely measurable number of men are sex-fiends, therefore #castrateallmen? You are fucking yourself and no one else. I suggest you do the single, rarest thing for any woman to do and that is just #shutthefuckup before western society totally derails. Don’t forget, WOMEN benefit from society the most. Idiot. Because a few men out of billions are trash doesn’t mean they all are, but all women that claim to be a feminist are just wanna-be nazis burning the reichstag

      • Aura Mitchell

        You don’t know the majority of women so that comments means nothing. Every meeting is unique, generalizations are for simpletons. Feminism isn’t about equality but a pathetic attempt to get power through the victim card.

  • doovinator

    When saying “hello” is “assault” #metoo doesn’t mean a damn thing. I know for a fact that one of the #metoo women was referring to a man grabbing her arm to help her onto a bus.

    • Mark Neil

  • phaidros52

    “they would find themselves lacking any sexual abuse allegations.” which of course is shortsighted blue pill thinking. As soon as his wife wants something or divorces him she will come up with false allegations and he is f*cked anyway. There is no solution then MGTOW.

    And a very important thing that most writers obviously dont understand: No one in Hollywood or somewhere else is GUILTY without proof in a court.

    • efbeye

      You just said a man would be fucked because of false allegations during a divorce and in the next paragraph said the women would need proof. Which is it?

    • phaidros52

      to efbeye: it is both but you have no big insight of how the system works. He is on the hook because not guilty until proven is not part of the american law system any more when a female is involved.

  • Trollio

    Unless you want kids you really don’t need women for anything. And if you don’t care if they are biologically yours, there are lots of kids up for adoption so even then the use of women doesn’t have to be firsthand.

    • Aura Mitchell

      Spot on.

  • Clybourn
  • RonHess

    Feminism DOES have an endgame. It’s white genocide.

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  • Ceri Walton

    I fucking hate feminism and I have an actual vagina. They are ruining everything that’s nice in the world.