Washington D.C.- On August 31st, 2017, hundreds of rabbis and attendees will gather at the National Rabbinic Symposium to listen to thought leaders and policy makers. 

Past speakers at this event include: Elliott Abrams, Ilan Berman, Jonathan Blake, Ruth Calderon, Eric Danko, George Deek, Michael Doran, Marc Dollinger, Efrem Goldberg, Jeffrey Goldberg, Lindsey Graham, Lawrence Haas, Nitzan Horowitz, Brian Katulis, Howard Kohr, Aaron David Miller, Danielle Pletka, Natan Sachs, Jacob J. Schacter, Adam Teitelbaum, Alex Vatanka, Tamara Cofman Wittes.

Religious leaders, thinkers, and policy makers, are sure to discuss lots of pressing matters for the Jewish community. What specifically they plan to discuss is not shared on the website. Two topics which are extremely important to the Jewish community and likely to be discussed, are the resurgence of “Nazism” and calling for more refugees to be admitted to the US.

Whats the deal with bringing in more refugees? The only refugees the US government should admit are those who can assimilate properly. The Boers in South Africa are a perfect example. White farmers in South Africa face increasingly dangerous situations as the genocide agenda marches on.

Even though these refugees would be from Africa, they are still genetically white, which is exactly why no politician cares to suggest any help for the Boers. 

The focus will probably center on refugees aka economic migrants who come from cultures unable to assimilate with ours, namely those from Mexico, parts of Africa, and Syria. The Marxist’s goal is for the USA to look like Europe does now.

Although, this compassion for refugees might not be consistent throughout the Jewish faith. Jews in Israel are very anti-immigration. It may come as a surprise, but Israel is actually an ethno-state by definition, kind of like Hitler’s ideal of an all German Germany. 

It goes without saying that any sovereign nation has a right to craft its own laws and society. If Israelis do not want to let immigrants in, they shouldn’t have to. If the USA wants to build a wall, like Israel, to stop illegal immigration and ban Muslims from coming into the country, so be it.

The rallying cry of “a nation of immigrants” is tiring out. Most people are starting to realize that it was mostly White Christian immigrants, who came to this country from Europe, lured by the temptations of capitalism, a better life, and tasting some of that sweet, sweet Revolutionary American Spirit.

This proves to be tempting even today, as thousands either try legally, or illegally, to get into the United States. Other countries with generous welfare programs like Germany also have to deal with unwanted and useless immigration.

Another inconsistency, is the fact Jews are lobbying to bring people in whose religion tells them,”Habibi, you know, like, the Jews are just like, the worst, right man?…

Allahu Akbar!!!!”

If Jews don’t know they are importing sworn religious/cultural enemies into their communities, someone should tell them. We don’t want another HOLOCAUST to happen…Do we?…