Is Anti-Anxiety Drug Valium The Reason Behind The Vegas Massacre?


Since the Monday we woke to our notifications on Vegas, conspiracy theorists and normies alike are asking one simple question: What was the motive?

From, “He lived a double life” to, “It was an inside job”, the list is seemingly never ending. But recently a new theory has come to light, and it may be a key factor in understanding the reason behind the Vegas shooting.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal unmasked that Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets of Valium (diazepam) by physician Dr. Steven Winkler in June 2017. Diazepam is a benzodiazepine, which is a class of drugs used to treat anxiety and panic, seizures, and insomnia, and usually carries a calming effect. However, there are rarer side effects, such as confusion, bipolar behavior, and in some cases even severe depression, suicidal thoughts.

Users of the drug can build up a tolerance to it, even using the medication as an ingredient in mixed drinks. Building a tolerance can encourage some to “just take one more.” Those who abuse the drug are more likely to experience the very things they’re trying to free themselves from. More effects can include fits of rage or violence, aggression, excitement, irritability and hostility. A person may lose control of his impulses which can lead to anti-social behavior, especially among the very young and elderly.

Had Paddock not seen the results he had hoped for, it’s likely he could have abused Valium. As a result, irritability and violence would have plagued his brain. This theory makes sense, because his brother held him to such a high regard and said that there were no telltale signs of his downfall. This raises the question, with such a powerful drug that influences the brain, should more steps be taken to insure patients get the correct dosage? Is the shooter completely to blame, or did the drug turn him into someone nobody recognized? Medication, especially for something like anxiety which is a mental issue, can cause dangerous side effects. In my opinion, this theory seems the most logical.

Paddock’s Physician, Dr. Steven Winkler, was not available for any comments and it was not confirmed or denied that Paddock was even a patient. 

The fact of the matter is, we don’t know right now. We can guess, we can form theories from facts, but we as citizens are not being given enough information to say this is hardcore fact. I know exactly why he did it. We check our favorite news outlets, holding our breathes for even the smallest update. We aren’t getting the information we should be getting, and that makes us suspicious. It makes us worry that there’s a whole lot of information they may never give us. In these times we feel powerless and dependent on the government to hopefully give us at least some version of the truth. We deserve far more than this. The worst mass shooting in modern U.S history? This should be approached with all doors open, nothing left unsaid. American people, OUR people were mercilessly killed on a night that was supposed to be full of joy and found memories. Now, it’s a night we will sadly never forget.

Law enforcement, Government, don’t leave us hanging. We all deserve truth and justice.