Is Mike Pompeo the Next Trump Cabinet Member to Go Down?

Mike Pompeo

 Undoubtedly, Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare was realized on November 18, 2016, when Donald Trump named Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Pompeo to his cabinet. These three men have been enthusiastic critics of Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation.

Michael Flynn was an early Trump loyalist who aided him in his presidential run and expressed strong sentiments regarding Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. He chided Hillary for her private email server with which she placed the country at “grave risk” by using it “to do business at the most sensitive levels of our government.

The campaign would end with Hillary Clinton facing a humiliating defeat to Donald Trump despite her well-documented political ties and her blushing support from the mainstream media. President Trump appointed Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor, but he resigned shortly thereafter in the wake of a controversy over information he withheld from Vice President Michael Pence regarding routine conversations with a Russian diplomat. The bloodthirsty media enacted a witch-hunt and falsely framed Flynn as a national security threat.

Meanwhile, the media has continued to cover for Hillary Clinton’s Russian controversy, in which she played an instrumental role in selling off 20% of America’s uranium assets to Russia. In an effort to delegitimize President Trump and to dismiss the damning information found within a cascade of leaked emails from the DNC and John Podesta, the quack media has aggressively spun a completely unproven conspiracy theory that the Trump administration has questionable ties to the Russian government.

They have continued their bizarre theory as they have sought to discredit another fierce critic of Hillary Clinton, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They have falsely accused Sessions of lying under oath in his Senate confirmation hearings. The Washington Post states:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that he will recuse himself from investigations related to the 2016 presidential campaign, which would include any Russian interference in the electoral process.”

This is not the first time that Attorney General Sessions has recused himself from a case. In January, he met before a Senate panel and stated that:

If confirmed as attorney general he would enforce federal laws without prejudice and would not condone the politicization of the agency, including vowing to recuse himself from investigations of Hillary Clinton.”

Like General Flynn, Attorney General Sessions was also an early supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential run, as well as a vocal critic of Hillary Clinton and her illicit activities. In recusing himself of both of these cases, he expresses his loyalty to the legal process. These recusals are representative of his personal and legal integrity, but the media and the maimed Democratic establishment are attempting to frame his recusal as an admission of nefarious involvement with the Russian bogeymen.

This begs the question: what is really at stake here? One must ask if these witch-hunts of Trump’s most loyal cabinet members are really about Russia at all. Some might say that the “Russian hacker” and ludicrous “golden shower” narratives are fan fiction conspiracy theories wielded to discredit Trump and his cabinet. Could it be that there is more to the story?

Have Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions been targeted because of their outspoken criticism of the Clinton Foundation? Leaked emails have revealed that many in establishment media have colluded with Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is the head of the House Oversight Committee, indicated in January that the investigation into Hillary Clinton may continue. While President Trump has expressed that he personally would not pursue an investigation into the Foundation, that does not mean further investigation is off the table.

Another consistent and unflinching critic of Hillary Clinton is Mike Pompeo, whom President Trump appointed as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Although Pompeo originally supported Senator Rubio in the primaries, he came alongside Trump in the general election and worked to secure Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

Will Mike Pompeo be the next target of these witch-hunts? He was selected the same day as Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn, and he has been an outspoken critic of Hillary Clinton and her email server debacle. CIA Director Pompeo is a likely target of establishment media working on behalf of Hillary. They colluded to get her elected. It seems now they are colluding to protect her from future litigation.