At over 1400 years old, Islam has been on the world scene for some time now. This is why one would imagine that its effects on countries should be a well understood and documented phenomena. However for some reason, despite over 14 centuries worth of history, the effects of this religion seem to be woefully misunderstood by most, at least here in the Western world. 

The recent globalization of Islam does though make following its pattern of behavior easier to follow and understand. As we can simply look across the globe and see the effects this religion has at different percents of the local population. With that in mind, lets take a look at the numbers and map out how Muslims tend to change in behavior as their population grows in any given country. 


0 To 2 Percent Of Total Population

As a clear minority of under 2% or less, Islam doesn’t tend to cause much trouble in any given country. It’s adherents making at least some attempt to blend into the overall culture, and usually being seen by the majority as a peace-loving trouble free minority. It is this behavior that often leads to those daring to speak out against Islam in countries like this to be seen by many as racist extremists. This is the current situation in many major countries today including:

The United States: 1%

China: 1.6%

South Africa: 1.9%

2 To 5 Percent Of Total Population

In the 2 to 5 percent range, things start to change as this now larger and more vocal minority tends to start proselytizing to other disaffected groups. With any other vulnerable groups from convicts to street gangs, and small ethnic minorities of all types being targeted and encouraged to convert to the faith. This mass conversion strategy combined with higher then average Muslim birth rates inevitably leads to a skyrocketing population effect in just a short time. Many countries are seeing this occur currently, including:

Australia: 2.6%

Canada: 3.2%

Thailand 4.9%

5 To 10 Percent Of Total Population

Once their numbers have swelled past the 5% range, Islam tends to start to flex it’s muscles so to speak. Exercising an out of proportion influence to their numbers, and working to change local customs and laws to better suit their needs. This includes introducing Halal food standards in the nation, which also works to ensure Muslim only food preparation jobs for their ever growing numbers. Threats of violence against those who don’t comply quickly with these changes also begin to occur in local areas where their populations are most concentrated. Today this can be seen happening in places like:

Germany: 5.7%

Philippines: 6%

France: 7.5%

10 To 20 Percent Of Total Population

At over 10% Muslims begin to actively start working to procure limited self-rule in their population centers, and local ghettos. With this quickly comes the implementation of Shari’ah or Islamic law. First the lawlessness and violence in these ghettos begins to get so out of hand local authorities no longer wish to enter them. Once this is done, local bands of Muslim men begin to self enforce Shari’ah law on the rest of the community freely. This is a problem increasingly being faced today in countries like:

Kenya: 11.1%

India: 14.2%

Russia: 15%

20 To 40 Percent Of Total Population

Once past 20% real violence soon starts to erupt. With open rioting in Muslim ghettos, local Jihadi militia forming, and the burning of non-Muslim religious centers beginning. Today this behavior can be seen in places such as:

Montenegro: 20%

Cyprus: 25.3%

Ethiopia: 34.6%

40 To 60 Percent Of Total Population

At over 40% peaceful society begins to break down as the Islamic faithful begin to attempt to exert formal authority. This means chronic terror attacks, and militia warfare, if not even full scale massacres in some cases. Many nations especially those in Africa are in this stage currently:

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 51%

Nigeria: 50.4%

Lebanon: 59.5%

60 To 80 Percent Of Total Population

At over 60% and with a real majority now achieved, actual purging’s of non-Muslim populations begin to openly occur. At this point as well, Shari’ah law usually becoming the official basis for the national legal system. Meaning non-adherents can at best be expected to pay a punishing infidel tax, if not suffer worse injustices. Even non-conforming more moderate Muslims tend to start feeling pressure at this point as extremism begins to take hold. Places that still have a substantial non Islamic minority facing such hardships include:

Albania: 60%

Malaysia: 61.3%

Qatar: 67.7%

80 To 99 Percent Of Total Population

At over 80% the goal that has always been clear to the true believers, now becomes clear to the few remaining non Muslims in a given country. That 100% Islamic population is the true goal, and one that will be achieved by force when necessary. At this point remaining infidels are intimated and encouraged to either leave or convert daily. After all, unlike modern Western Liberals, Muslims do not agree with the concept that “Diversity Is Strength.” Countries at this stage include:

Indonesia: 87.2%

Egypt: 94.9%

Iran: 99.4%

100 Percent Of Total Population

At 100% Islamic doctrine states the violence is supposed to stop and an peaceful utopia state should be achieved. With this religious purity ushering in a state the Qur’an speaks of as Dar as-Salam, or literally “the house of peace.” However history has shown us over and over that this “house of peace” never comes. With Muslims then simply turning on their own. Faction based in fighting, or just simply the killing of any more moderate less radical Muslims soon becoming the norm. After all despite the 100% Islamification of the below countries, they still remain some of the most violent in the world, which should tell us all something about the base nature of this “religion of peace.”

Afghanistan: 100%

Somalia: 100%

Yemen: 100%

Today Islam makes up the majority in only 49 countries worldwide. However, all projections see that number skyrocketing in the next few decades, if the Islamification of the world remains unopposed as it currently is. It is estimated that by 2050 the worldwide Muslim population will grow to just under 3 billion faithful. Given that all of the above shows the Islamification of a nation doesn’t end well for the rest of the population, in a long enough timeline the question might become, where else is there left to go?

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