Iran Is Bringing War Closer Claims John Bolton


National Security Adviser John Bolton appeared on cable news to double down on the administration’s decision of pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. When asked if he thought that the move would bring us closer to war with the county already known for chanting “death to America” he responded: “I don’t believe this will make us any closer to war I believe that Iran is bringing us close with their belligerent action in Iran and Syria. They’ve been moving missiles into Syria that can hit any target in Israel. Which is why we’ve seen recent Israeli strikes in the area. They are the real threat.” Even though Israel has instigated many of the attacks in Syria and has only rarely been fired upon for doing so.

This is, of course, that Bolton signature style of neo-con warhawking that the American people have grown tired of. He has made a career of lobbying on behalf of Israel’s foreign policy. During his time as the Undersecretary of State in the Bush administration, he assured Israeli officials in private meetings that the U.S. would attack Iraq. Broke rules of conduct and arranged unannounced meetings, including with the head of Mossad. He even stated in his own memoir that his role as part of a joint U.S. Israeli strategy was to was to ensure that the Iran nuclear issue would be moved out of the International Atomic Energy Agency and into the United Nations Security Council. Gathering that if the IAEA reached an agreement with Tehran the Bush administration would have a hard time pounding the war drums against Iran. In 2003 he began claiming that Iran had a covert nuclear program but encountered resistance from the director general of the IAEA as well as allied countries.

This type of foreign policy style was openly mocked and condemned by then-candidate Donald Trump in the primary. He even echoed some of his noninterventionist talking points as recently as April 3rd. That was a week before Bolton formally started working as National Security Director. Within the week of him assuming his new role, the US was already lobbing bombs at Syria.

Currently, the Iran deal is in a state of limbo. Europe will decide whether to continue on or pull out themselves. Europe as a whole would like to continue on in hopes that Iran will carry out their end of the bargain, believing that bringing Iran closer into the community of nations, and keeping tabs on their nuclear program will actually make the works a safer place. Fearing possible American sanctions many of our European allies will likely follow suit and drop the deal. The only issue is that there is only one party in violation of the parameters of the JCPOA. If you haven’t guessed, its the U.S. The IAEA has repeatedly claimed that Tehran is in full compliance with the deal.

Peace is always desirable. Most Americans when casting their vote for Trump hoped that the days of intervention and neocon policy-making were behind us. With Bush-era hawks like John Bolton in power its beginning to look like that was only wishful thinking.