The Purple Revolution is Propelling the Summer of Rage


Kathy Griffin’s latest stunt has cost her greatly. You might say it was coming her way because she wasn’t very funny, or perhaps the pendulum swung back in the other direction, toppling her from what little relevance she still possessed. Griffin’s stunt is no joke. It was meant to convey a clear message to the President and to America. Revolution is coming.

Beheading a body, that is decapitating the head from the torso, is actually a statement of revolution going back many centuries throughout various cultures. The French Revolution, is best known for the guillotines. From 1793-1794, approximately 40,000 people were beheaded. A monarch was brought down. And the people gained power. Or did they?

Even today, we see many beheadings carried out by Moslems as a form of intimidation and conquest, in the case of ISIS especially.

Griffin’s “I Support Gore” photo shoot wasn’t about laughs. It was about revolution.

Purple Revolution
Griffin’s ‘Purple Revolution’ TMZ Photo

The Purple Revolution is the Objective of the Deep State

First, let’s break down this picture. Notice how Griffin is decked out in purple garb. Squawker has written articles about the significance of purple and the resistance movement.

“Clinton and her cohorts including Janet Yellen have also been wearing the color purple, quite visibly, to show the control they still have.”

It’s no coincidence when you look at whose head she is holding. Here we find the color red, linked to sacrifice, in the form of blood, but also Griffin’s hair, possibly linking her to the symbol of temptation (in a more violent nature than an erotic one).

They knew that this picture would generate a lot of buzz, especially on the cover of a magazine. It was in everyone’s face and at some level these colors and the symbolism register somewhere in the subconscious. The picture and its reactions were featured quite heavily in the news cycle and many online organized to complain to Griffin’s advertisers and employers, which ended up costing her significantly. It didn’t make things any better when she started to blame Trump and his family for ruining her life, despite all the efforts to stump the Trump, no such stumping has occurred. In fact, all Trump’s attackers seem to get burned. It is Griffin’s fault for participating in this Purple Revolution, especially putting it on the cover of a magazine, speaking of which, on a related note…

Purple Revolution

If we look at this cover of Newsweek from 2005 we see Obama a few years before he ascended into office and started to tear this country down. Notice the purple on Obama’s tie and how the cover reads ‘seeing purple’. This is no accident or coincidence, but the powers that be are signalling and implanting Obama as President into our subconscious. Many on the left are reluctant to defend Obama and with Hillary’s run, which was full of scandal, this past election cycle it has sort of gutted the Democratic party. Even still, satire and criticism or “art comes within the public eye, but we can see a distinct
Bashing the President seems to be the thing to do in any administration. During the Bush years, most people weren’t too pleased and W. was often the butt of many, many, jokes. This sentiment was not as vitriolic as what we see today. Johnny Depp comes to mind as the most recent celebrity to come out and speculate on assassinating the elected leader of a nation.


Purple Revolution
Clinton and Co sporting purple

Recently, these outburst and provocations have been taking place at a steady pace ever since the election. They are coordinated efforts by the Deep State and its architects to plunge the USA into a civil war. This is done through the media and entertainment industry, as seen by the likes of Griffin, Depp, and many others, as well as the financial system with Janet Yellen at the helm of the Federal Reserve, and not surprisingly in the political sector as well, with current politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) and others like Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, George Soros, Barack Obama, Robert Mueller and James Comey. Most troubling is all the money flowing through these community organizing and NGO groups, namely Obama’s Organizing for America and George Soros’ and Open Society Foundation. These groups usually are paid a comfy hourly wage, even sometimes with benefits, to show up and resist. Paid protesting might be a very appealing form of employment among the younger, politically active left, especially when you look at the present condition of the economy.

Purple Revolution
This Purple Revolution fueled by the left is poised to disrupt the nation in many ways this summer. They do not appear to want to adjust their viewpoints or compromise with what the majority of Americans want. Citizens recently went to the polls in several states for special elections; the Democrats won 0 out of 5 possible positions. The most talked about case is Ossoff vs. Handel election in Georgia. Ossoff refused to cater to his conservative base, remaining steadfast to neoliberal values, while also taking money from many Democratic and political financiers. It is certainly encouraging that more Americans than we might suspect, are aware of what is going on and how tense everything is. On the other side, you have groups who realize this as well but have a different, more radical, course of action in store for the rest of us. These will manifest in the form of riots, aptly dubbed Summer of Rage Riots, which are expected to take place July 2-4. The effect of these disruptions could be exacerbated by the recent efforts of the Fed to raise interest rates in a lagging economy, something that wasn’t necessary under the Obama administration, but apparently needed during Trumps all of a sudden. Even from his party, Trump cannot expect neocons to help his agenda, but instead, hinder it at every opportunity they can.

At the heart of this movement, it is surely Anti-American and probably anti-human. A regressive ideology is not worth the trouble these people make it out to be. We know from experience where this sort of cultural Marxism leads. The end goals of this movement seem to run contrary to what the sheep on the left preach. What is even more disheartening is that these useful idiots can’t see they are being used.