It seems almost every day now we are greeted with yet another example of someone on the Right being shamed or simply forced into silence. This pattern affecting everyone from Legitimate Alt-Right figures such as Richard Spencer to mainstream conservatives like Ben Shapiro. When people like Jordan Peterson can be unironically labeled a Nazi or Classical Liberals like Dave Rubin smeared as racist, it becomes apparent we have hit a point where the Left will use any tactic available to shut down someone who even remotely questions their viewpoints.

When you combine this kind of toxic political climate with the internet, things only tend to get worse. Case in point a new website that just launched, A site which proudly declares its intent to provide “repercussions” for your local racists. With a tagline featuring the words, “zero tolerance is the only option” it’s quite obvious just how small an offense it will take to get your name and information publically listed on this site’s database. In a world, however, where even Left-leaning types who merely call into question some of the more ridiculous examples of SJW behavior, often get themselves labeled as Nazi sympathizers. It’s not so unrealistic to see the obvious dangers of such a public and well-organized mass doxing campaign.

If you are not familiar with the term doxing, just know that it means the publishing of private identifying information online for use by people with malicious intent. The doxing of Conservative and Alt-Right figures post Charlottesville got so bad even, that it received some national media attention. With some of the more fair and balanced reporting even going so far as to declare the campaign nothing short of a public witch hunt.Once this new site goes live with its database, we will be looking at a Conservative witch hunt on a scale never before seen. With anyone guilty of alleged wrong-think, from public figures to your local baker all likely to have their name and other personal information listed on the site. Imagine a world where before you get offered that new job, your potential employer googles your name only to find the top listing a site declaring you a racist or worse. This is the kind of world the Left is increasingly determined to create. An environment where everyone is simply bullied and shamed into adopting the desired politically correct stances.For those needing further proof of just why this website should be so alarming, take the recent examples of two prominent figures who lost their jobs due to SJW led smear campaigns against them. With both a developer on the popular video game Subnautica and a long-serving artist for DC comics recently losing their jobs, due to an online hate mob. Their crimes, which were so horrible as to make them now virtually unemployable. Merely holding mainstream Conservative views, and admitting openly to being a Republican. If the online Leftist hate mob is already this powerful, what will happen once KnowYourRacist goes live and organizes them into a level never before seen?

What this site and other recent Liberal efforts represent, is not an attempt to challenge the ideas that fuel racism on an intellectual level. To beat them with logic and reason. Rather instead, the Left continues to choose the seemingly easier path of simply silencing all opposition. To put it another way, modern Liberalism is concerned less these days with being right, and more with manipulating people to get what they want. After all, a society that has been trained to keep all unpopular opinions to themselves is also a society that can be easily controlled.

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