What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday August 12th was a tragedy. A young woman lost her life. For this we should indeed mourn, that our nation has become divided to point of violence and murder. But in the face of this, another tragedy is brewing, one which will surely lead to even more violence and murder: a complete disinterest in thoughtful analysis and consideration of what happened.

On Facebook and Twitter feeds all across America, voices were loudly proclaiming the mantra of unilateral condemnation of white supremacists without any other consideration or qualification. To do otherwise, according to these voices, is to become part of the problem. Now, to be clear, violence should be condemned. The idea that only one race has the right to exist is evil and history is rife with examples of this destruction.

But must this well-deserved condemnation be completely devoid of any and all analysis? Are we really a part of the problem if we simply desire to look more deeply at what really happened in Charlottesville and why? And if we also condemn the racism and black supremacy of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are we somehow guilty of justifying and appeasing white nationalism?

According to the leftist influenced peanut gallery on social media, yes. We must simply condemn white nationalism in all its forms or otherwise we might as well shave our heads and put a swastika on our sleeves. But does such thinking actually solve the problem? I would submit that it does not. In fact, it actually exacerbates the problem because it continues to polarize America by placing all the blame on one side, despite clear evidence that all sides were at fault.

This was certainly true in Charlottesville, where both neo-Nazis and Antifa came looking for trouble, and where both the mayor and the local police acted foolishly in inciting rather than diffusing the situation. But it is also true in the much larger context of racial relations in America. Yes, racism still exists and there are indeed those who seek to physically harm people of other races, and such people should be loudly and soundly condemned. But there is also a powerful force on the left that seeks to turn tragedy into opportunity and to turn disagreements into revolution. If we fail to see that BLM and Antifa are a part of this movement, then we are blind to reality.

Contrary to what many seem to believe, what we are seeing in America is not a resurgence of white supremacy, but rather the perfection of identity politics. Powerful forces on the left have turned racial turmoil into an artform, and they are currently working on their masterpiece. What happened in Charlottesville is merely a taste of what is in store if we don’t stop demonizing one side while glorifying and justifying the other.

When you violently shove your finger down your throat, vomit is usually the result. For the last eight years, the left has been shoving their radical agenda down the throat of America and what we are seeing today is the result. To say this is not to excuse genuine white supremacists or to justify genuine racism, it is simply to say that we have got to focus on stopping the finger thrust of leftism or else we will never clean up the vomit.

Racism is a real issue, but it is much more complicated than just a bunch of evil white people spreading their hatred. Racism stems from poverty, and cultural turmoil, and host of other factors that must be thoughtfully addressed.  But despite these real issues, what we saw in Charlottesville, and will continue to see in other places, was not primarily the result of these issues. What we saw in Charlottesville was the result of the concerted efforts of those who seek to profit from chaos, and who seek to grab power out of the ruins of American culture: the ugly face of leftism.

What so many fail to understand, and what makes this one-sided reaction by the left so dangerous and short-sighted, is that the side on the left is far more powerful and dangerous. While neo-Nazis and white supremacists exist in the dark fringes of America and are roundly and regular condemned by all sides, leftist Marxists are out in the open, enjoying the bully pulpit of the media and near universal celebration by the ignorant and the devious. If we fail to see leftism as the real driving force behind the racial turmoil in this country, then we will never truly solve the problem.

I have no problem with those who condemn or criticize Donald Trump, and I occasionally join them in their criticism. But what I cannot fathom are those who somehow think that Hillary Clinton, or any other random leftist, would have been a better choice. Such a view reveals a deep level of ignorance and self-deception, and I can assure them that if the leftist revolution is successful, they will be the first ones sent to the gulags. The rest of us will have seen the storm coming and long since headed for the hills.