The once great New York Times is already just a former shell of itself as we all well know. Having over the past decade changed from the premier American newspaper to little more than just another propaganda mouthpiece for the Left. Still, given the papers once prestigious heritage and rich history there were certain lines many had hoped the paper would still not cross. Surely The New York Times wouldn’t ever descend into full on Social Justice Warrior style madness right?

Sad to say, it seems this was a naïve hope indeed.  As we have now crossed the point where America’s second largest newspaper is running stories advocating that child killing ex-cons should be admitted into Harvard on the basis of their skin color. In a story titled, “From Prison to PH.D: The Redemption and Rejection of Michelle Jones” NYT author Eli Hager seriously advocates for the admission into Harvard of a woman who murdered her 4 year old son in cold blood.

For those not familiar with the case of Michelle Jones here is a brief overview based largely on official court documents. Michelle was the mother of a 4 year old child named Brandon. A boy she has since admitted to having beating regularly. Eventually one day, she locked the child alone in his room while she left for a weekend long “theater network conference” in Detroit with a friend. When she came back the boy was unsurprisingly dead, and Ms. Jones only seeming reaction was to sneak the body out quietly and bury him an unmarked grave. His body to this day never found, with Jones having admitting she intentionally misled the police about the location of the boy’s remains at first. Now claiming she has since legitimately forgotten. For multiple years after his murder, Jones lived with seemingly no remorse over her actions simply telling questioning friends the boy had gone to live with his father. It wasn’t until another four years later that she was finally charged with murder, after others had grown suspicious enough to report her to police.

Even more reprehensible is the fact that after only two years in custody, she filed an appeal to her case arguing her conviction be overturned on the basis the boy’s body had never been found. A body, she had previously admitted to lying to police about the location of. This little bit of reality not stopping her from arguing formally that “the State produced insufficient evidence of corpus delicti to justify admission of the statements. In support of this contention, Jones argues that the evidence apart from her confessions does not support an inference that she committed either Murder or Neglect of a Dependent, but indicates merely that Brandon is missing or has been placed somewhere by Jones.” 

This is a women with clearly no shame or remorse over her actions. One who in fact seems to now believe her past misdeeds only should make her all the more a sympathetic and attractive character. A belief clearly held up by The New York Times who even openly states and appears to endorse the idea that her murder should have only helped her case for admission into America’s most prestigious school. Stating “her backers saw her background as an asset, given the growing academic interest in incarceration.” The History department at Harvard was even on board with this logic as well, formally recommending she be admitted into the program. A decision which was wisely overturned by the heads of the school including the President, Provost and graduate program Deans.

In the media attention following the schools rejection of Ms. Jones, Harvard has since gone on record stating one reason for this was the fact her personal admission statement largely ignored her crime entirely. In fact two professors in the American Studies program Jones sought admission into stated in a letter to University Administrators that she appeared to minimize her crime “to the point of misrepresentation” in her admission application. It would seem that  Ms. Jones is clearly too caught up in enjoying her new found role as a social justice heroine, to waste more than a sentence on her dead son. Her new status as the poster child for successful criminal reformation even got her out of prison 30 years early. As she received a reduction on her 50 year sentence based on her “education attainment.”

It’s worth noting that Harvard was not alone in saying no to child killers, with Yale University as well rejecting Ms. Jones. This didn’t stop other schools from jumping on the chance to score social justice points though. With the University of Michigan, University of Kansas, and perhaps least unsurprisingly the University of California, Berkeley all courting the murderer. Ultimately though, upon being rejected by Harvard she has settled into the graduate program at N.Y.U. who even went so far as to assign that their current graduate students send the killer warm welcoming notes on a prison email app. To make this madness as clear as possible, graduate students at New York University were forced to as a class assignment send welcoming messages to a women in prison for killing her own child, stating how excited they were to have her join them next semester. 

Online as with most things, a fierce debate has been raging as well. Including in the comments section of The New York Times official Twitter page. Some highlights of which you can see for yourself here below.

I will end this with one final take away from infamous YouTube star Shoe0nhead. Who boils the whole argument down to what perhaps is all that really needs to be said about it. 

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