G4S is a company that the majority of American’s are probably not familiar with, but more likely should be. Most notably ever in the public light following one of its employees, Omar Mateen, shooting up the Pulse nightclub in Orlando back in 2016. This private international security firm has worked to try and keep a lowered profile ever since. Though even we here at Squawker covered the companies questionable awarding of a 200 million pound contract by a British police force late last year. It’s a different recent contract acquired by the company however that has many online concerned as we head into Super Bowl weekend. As G4S will now be providing security for the event, having recently won the rights to U.S. Bank Stadium, the same venue this year’s big game is set to be held.

G4S, of course, is no stranger to big contracts such as this one. The company, in fact, holds a number of highly lucrative contracts with the U.S. government for example, including with the Department of Homeland Security. It has other suspect business partners as well. Including one of the world’s leading crisis management companies, Crisis Cast. A company known for providing professional crisis actors for a variety of organizations, including apparently G4S. Whose company logo is proudly displayed on Crisis Cast’s client page.

It is a little suspect that a corporation with such a questionable track record has been given the rights to police over America’s largest sporting event. But then again the venue management company which runs U.S. Bank Stadium, SMG, hasn’t exactly been making smart decisions in this area recently. With SMG also managing venues such as the Manchester Area, the scene of last years infamous Ariana Grande concert bombing. Still, even for SMG, the choice to hire G4S seems a questionable one for multiple reasons, reasons which have many starting to question if this doesn’t go beyond simply just being a bad choice. With those looking at the bigger picture starting to wonder if something sinister might not be afoot.

For starters let’s consider that the operators of U.S. Bank Stadium abruptly terminated their contract with previous security provider Monterrey Security only one year into what was intended to be a three-year contract. At the time, SMG sighted concerns such as inadequate training and background checks. Strange then they would replace Monterrey with the same company that hired one of America’s deadliest mass shooters and even falsified his psychological screening records to ensure they could clear him for work as a private guard. Work that required G4S to train the self-declared Islamic warrior on how to best use a variety of weapons which we all know he would later turn on innocent Americans.

Another red flag is the still recent appointment of Cathy Lanier to head of overall NFL security. Cathy being quite the politically well-connected person at least in Left-leaning circles. Her connection’s reaching as high as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta even. Perhaps not surprising though for the former D.C. chief of Police. Many have even gone so far as to link her to the mysterious death of Seth Rich. For those with time, I suggest reading up on these links here. For the rest just know Cathy suddenly and unexpectedly resigned just as the Seth Rich investigation was heating up, taking her cushy 7 figure NFL job shortly after.

Even more shadiness can be found in the fact that recent repairs made to the stadium ahead of Sunday’s big game, are being kept mysteriously under wraps. With despite making use of taxpayer money the costs related to this work having oddly not been disclosed to the public. Also worth noting is the obvious win/win scenario a terrorist attack would present for both big government and simply the NFL itself. With an increasing amount of Americans turning against the NFL for one reason or another and profits dropping to record lows. What better way to turn that all around, then with the outpouring of support that would inevitably follow such an attack. On the government side, it will just be used as another excuse to clamp down on our civil liberties, take our guns, and keep the surveillance state going.

So let’s review for a moment all the actors in play this Super Bowl Sunday. A questionable security firm with a prior history of employing terrorists. A venue operator who only recently had a large scale attack go down under its watch. An overall head of security deeply embedded with the various types of people who might benefit most from an attack. A stadium which just underwent repairs and upgrades that we still mostly know nothing about. A government always on the lookout for how best to use the next tragedy to their own benefit. And finally an NFL desperate for renewed attention and sympathy in the face of falling profits.

With so many separate puzzle pieces all seeming to have come together it’s not hard to see why some have raised the alarm. With the obvious target ready, and the agents needed to ensure things go to plan all in their proper places. It honestly doesn’t seem like the wildest of theories to wonder if something terrible might in fact just go down this weekend. Whether there is even the slightest validity to any of this remains to be seen, but as always it’s only by not being afraid to ask questions that we can ever hope to find truth.

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