Churches Continue to Cannibalize Their Own Leaders for Internet Bloodlust


We all know that the Internet radicals eat their own and as many once-conservative institutions rush to embrace far-left political correctness many of their own leaders and pioneers are finding comments they made, decades ago, coming back to destroy their lives. 

Such is the curious case of the Southern Baptist Convention. Only a short time ago they were one of the most conservative, traditional churches in America. When other denominations were embracing more progressive “values” the SBC stood relatively firm on Biblical teaching. 

Those days have passed. Just as Catholics and Mormons have found that SJW talking points are suddenly held up as Church values, so the largest evangelical church in America, the SBC has taken the exact same path at the exact same time. 

It’s almost as though this is intentional. 

Popular Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson was removed Wednesday morning as the president of the church’s Texas seminary after a petition calling for his removal for past comments, made the rounds on social media.

In the absence of real-life duties and responsibilities like marriage, domestic work, and raising children; America’s increasingly unmarried, childless, unwilling to work, society finds it’s value and virtue by retreating to far corners of the internet where they can “take down” people they deem as “evil” or as having the “wrong thoughts.” And yes, this false sense of virtue has hit churches hard in recent years.

Gone are the days of context, rational thought,  dialogue, repentance, and forgiveness. The current SJW-led narrative tells us that people must be brought down so that the Puritans of our day can get their dopamine rush and feel good about themselves. 

(Because why help the homeless or feed the hungry when you can sit on the Internet and get people fired?)

Like many SJW issues, the concern began when women, infused with Culturally Marxist feminism, decided to join together to voice their “outrage.” 

USA Today reports: “Patterson’s removal comes on the heels of a growing number of Southern Baptist women and their supporters now taking issue with the counsel Patterson has provided and shared in recent decades related to women.”

Only 3,200 people had signed a letter sent to the board regarding Patterson’s past comments. Considering the SBC has a membership of over 15 million, it seems odd that a well-loved leader who has given decades of his life to the church could be ousted by the protests of .02% of the membership. 

As usual, what seems to have been started as an hysterical witch-hunt was made much worse when the very liberal, anti-Christian, Washington Post, published a piece on Tuesday about a woman who is claiming that Patterson advised her, back in 2003, to stay with a husband who is abusive.  

A statement released earlier this month by Patterson expressed his regret. He apologized to the woman and said that his comments to her had “lacked clarity” and that he was against abuse of any kind. 

Other recorded remarks by the now President Emeritus, from the past decade, include him commenting on the physical attractiveness of a teen girl and being happy that a man who had allegedly been abusing his wife had begun coming to church.

Instead of investigating, asking for context or clarity, or accepting his apology and clarification, Patterson was dismissed following a long meeting held between the release of the Washington Post article and this morning. 

However, it’s still not enough, and like the communist governments of years past, the SJWs within the SBC want Patterson further humiliated and shamed beyond losing his job under scandal. 

Liz Guinn lives in East Tennessee and her husband is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Elizabethton. She told USA Today: “Now the board of trustees making him president emeritus and giving him a house on campus and continued salary shows that they don’t think what he has said and done is wrong. I love the SBC, but I am disappointed in this outcome.” she wrote in an email. 

When it comes to the slippery slope fallacy, it proves to not be a logical fallacy when dealing with the Left. They will continue to push and push further and further. They accept no apologies, no regret, and no repentance.

Every week they will need to feed their bloodlust. Every news cycle they will demand their Roman Circus of dead Christians to go along with their welfare bread. This week it was Paige Patterson. Who will it be next week?

Stay tuned, Squawker will let you know.