While the new favorite poster child of the Left’s Anti-gun rights campaign David Hogg continues his mainstream media world tour. The many mysteries surrounding this alleged school shooting survivor continue to pile up. Case in point, the latest revelation which calls into question Mr. Hoggs now world-famous series of closet interviews. For those unfamiliar, David claims to have pulled a fellow student into a small closet during the middle of the attack on Stoneman Douglas. Here in this moment, instead of fearing for his life and trying to stay as quiet as possible, he instead grilled the girl on gun restriction laws. While for some reason the media hasn’t taken issue with the inherent strangeness to be found in that decision. It’s even more frustratingly not mentioned a far bigger problem with this story. That David appears to have shot this footage a full five hours before the attack actually began.The footage in question, which the media has portrayed as being filmed while the school was being evacuated, features David clearly stating the time as 9:32 AM on February 14th. How then could this have been filmed during or even after the shooting, which police have confirmed started at around 2:32 PM that same day. It’s an obvious red flag that would be almost embarrassingly amateurish if not for the fact that the media is so controlled now that it will never be addressed or brought to the attention of most Americans.
Far from the usual conspiracy theory, this is a clear and obvious contradiction of the official narrative being presented to us all. While David Hogg is busy giving interviews to media outlets around the country and reciting his well-rehearsed speeches advocating the restriction of our basic Constitutional rights. The fact remains that it appears the same interview which made him a star in the first place, also implies that he had some level of foreknowledge regarding the attack itself. Even more terrifying is the concept that this is not being questioned by seemingly anyone with power or authority, these same people instead actively repressing anyone who does.In the wake of these and other questions arising in the aftermath of this latest tragic mass shooting. Twitter seems to have decided they have finally had enough with people trying to use their platform to actually freely discuss topics. With today’s largescale banning of Conservative users in whats being called the great Twitter LockOut largely reflecting a coordinated effort to stop anyone from questioning the shootings official version of events. Which means that more than ever before, it’s only by the direct sharing and spreading of stories like this that we ever have a chance to hear the news they don’t want us to know, and ask the questions they don’t want us to speak.

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