Yesterday moderate mainstream conservative Ben Shapiro gave a speech at Berkeley. While compared to the likes of an intentional provocateur such as Milo, Ben’s language is downright tame. This didn’t stop the easily triggered snowflakes of the left from being up in arms over this apparent attack on their college safe space. Among those triggered by the event being popular Black Lives Matter activist Tariq Nasheed who stated.

I don’t however want to use this space to cover the point of how ridiculous these claims against Mr. Shapiro are. That point has been made perfectly well by multiple authors already.

What I would like to do instead is provide some well deserved rare praise to the police of Berkeley. Who have gone through much this last year, and will seemingly continue to in the coming months. Especially with the likes of Milo, Steve Bannon, and Ann Coulter all set to descend on the town next week during what they are calling free speech week. The police of Berkeley deserve such recognition because unlike many police departments around the country these days, they have only doubled down on their commitment to genuine free speech protections. Sending this message out even just before Mr. Shapiro’s arrival into town. 

And Arrests they did make.
Here below are just a few of the Alt-Left criminals now in custody.             Note the crazy eyes in this first one.

Man or Woman?  The World May never know.

How will they explain this one to mom when they get home?

Because someone talking is perfectly worth getting this upset about.

Despite the best Police efforts however, things were still not quite perfect. With early reports now surfacing of a possible female stabbing victim.


Whether or not this last part turns out to be true. It’s clear from the sheer amount of weapons police seized from the scene, that some Antifa or Alt-Left types certainly came prepared for violence. While many American’s might feel sympathetic to such tactics being employed in the face of legitimate right wing extremists. To see such tactics being used against peaceful mainstream Conservatives like Ben Shapiro should be a wake up call to everyone on both sides. I think this tweet from Political Talk Show Host Personality Dave Rubin sums it up best.


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