Just a few days ago, it seemed as if all anyone could talk about was the Las Vegas mass shooting. As the largest scale event of its kind in the history of the United States though, this seemed only appropriate. In the wake of the attack however, something unprecedented slowly seemed to happen. The mainstream media seemingly lost control of the narrative. With few clear official answers being offered up by the press, it was the so called “fringe” or “alternative” news media that carried the real torch of actual investigative journalism. A reality that an ever increasing numbers of readers seemed to understand. 

This held true here at Squawker as well, where we were the first to break the news that an anonymous 4chan user warned of a conspiracy involving an attack in Las Vegas 3 weeks before the actual event occurred. Other sites like InfoWars and Breitbart also did their fair share, asking the tough questions that places like CNN and the New York Times just seemingly couldn’t be bothered with. Never before have more Americans turned to alternative news sources for information. It would seem we have finally hit a point where most Americans would rather receive all the uncensored information they can and make up their own mind as to the facts, rather than receive only heavily politically biased and controlled news.

With that in mind it’s no wonder the old guard media have been working in overdrive these last few days to make Vegas old news. Sadly it seems like they have succeeded, with America’s attention now moved onto much more important things then the brutal mass murder of its own citizens. Things like the latest Hollywood sex scandal. Too busy with this latest bit of “breaking news” to keep questioning the many parts of the Vegas story that just don’t quite add up yet.

The problem being that it’s not actually the shooting story that is is the real old news in this case. The sexual predator nature of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been known by the news media for years, who until now have seemingly been content to sit on this little piece of information. Rather than forcefully push it 24/7 into an all encompassing media frenzy like they have suddenly opted to do now. Are we really to believe that no journalists ever caught wind of even just the formal eight separate sexual misconduct settlements Harvey has filed with women over the past two decades? To say nothing of the multiple public allegations made against him previously including the 2015 memo from a former employee laying out a detailed account of his repeated misconduct.

There are only two possibilities here regarding the Weinstein story and its coverage. Either it reveals once and for all the incredible incompetence and lack of any real investigative journalism inside the mainstream media, or perhaps even worse makes it clear they are not above manipulating us away from inconvenient stories by timing the release of attention grabbing safe ones. 

While it’s obviously temping to just run with the excuse the news media truly are just terrible at their job and really didn’t know. The evidence for that is sadly lacking, with an increasing amount of information now coming to light proving the media has indeed sat on this story for quite some time. At the very least we know it was an open secret in Hollywood, with even as far back as 2013 actor Seth MacFarlane making this joke while announcing the supporting actress Oscar nominees for that year, “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.” The mainstream press has even largely started admitting to sitting on the story for years, though only while also offering up a wide range of excuses as to why they did so. With most complaining they couldn’t get anyone to go on the official record with their accusations or just simply claiming to have been scared off by Weinstein’s power and influence. The BBC have even started to collect a list of news organizations who have admitted to possessing prior knowledge of this story. It includes the likes of, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and The Hollywood Reporter.

The New York Times especially is once again caught being rather shady, as they have even admitted to acquiring a copy of the O’Connor 2015 allegations memo years back but opted to not go to press with it at the time. With all that in mind, the bottom line is this. The same mainstream press who is now currently drowning us in this “breaking story” have had this same story in their back pocket for years. It’s release now has only really accomplished one thing. Burying the Vegas story to the back pages, and stifling the growing online questioning of the official narrative.

While it’s certainly troubling to see the level of thought control and public perception manipulation being accomplished with the timing of this story. It should also at least be somewhat comforting that more and more Americans seem to be catching on to such behavior, like in the above tweet. After all freedom ends when a free people stop asking questions. Not all of them will lead anywhere obviously, but when the people in charge start getting uncomfortable, that would tend to mean at least some of the right questions are being asked. It’s time we paid Harvey Weinstein about as little attention as he has always deserved, and go back to making sure American’s are given the full truth regarding a horrible day in our history. 

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