Mike Cernovich Raises Hell on Establishment Pedophiles


Cernovich: “I have no patience for those frauds and shills.”

Mike Cernovich, a longtime free speech advocate, has a mantra: “Become too big to ignore.” Anyone who has followed his rise to stardom over the past election season (or ten years if you ask him) will realize the power of that affirmation. While practicing law about a decade ago, he began managing blogs on legal matters and juicing before eventually focusing his energies on Danger and Play.

Danger and Play began as a general lifestyle blog that covered topics like relationships, men’s issues, health and wellness, mindset, and whatever else he was into at any given time. Cernovich is an entrepreneur, but he also seems determined to help save the world from toxicity and tyranny. His book, Gorilla Mindset, is a best-selling mindset book that he wrote to help others free themselves from both.

After surviving a false rape accusation and observing the strangulating effects of social justice tyranny, Mike began to wage war. But it was not a typical war. His fight came in the form of helping people (especially men) realize their potential and presenting the truth to them. This quest for truth eventually led to a refined focus on politics in the early days of Donald Trump’s rise.

Cernovich saw in Donald Trump a man who would help to sever the several heads of a singular enemy. That enemy was the globalist establishment. This establishment has infiltrated most of the major gates of cultural influence — government, media, arts, education, and business (and gradually, religion and family). Trump would face all of these fronts with his toughness, directness, and uncommon pragmatism.

Many believe that a political victory for Hillary Clinton and the left would have meant further cultural degeneration, Islamization of the West, and world war (among other things). Mike Cernovich, who was one of few media figures to accurately predict Trump’s campaign victory, became determined to raise hell against the political establishment.

During the campaign season, Cernovich fulfilled his promise to become too big to ignore. He produced his first documentary film about free speech called “Silenced.” He published “MAGA Mindset,” a book that would predict Trump’s win prior to the election. He grew his high-traffic Twitter account by the tens of thousands, grew his podcast, grew his Youtube channel, and began one of the most widely-viewed (and widely-censored) accounts on Periscope. He even managed to get himself banned from television after an appearance on Fox.

Mike Cernovich has a way of pummeling the hornet’s nest. Throughout the presidential campaign, he started or helped to further multiple news stories that the mainstream media initially refused to address. The topics ranged from the death of Seth Rich, to Hillary Clinton’s health, to Wikileaks. As Mike predicted, the hornets eventually got angry, and he became the target of a trickle of media hit pieces. 

Attacks on Mike Cernovich are formulaic. The attacker will always begin by calling him a “white supremacist.” They will then redirect their focus when they learn that he is married to a Persian woman of Islamic decent. Their next numskull line of offense is to discredit him by intentionally quoting him out of context and calling him a “rape apologist.” This attack is quickly dismantled when the attacker is reminded of the obvious fact that NOBODY is actually a rape apologist.

After accepting that the public is increasingly distrusting of the mainstream media, the globalist establishment has now taken their attacks underground in an apparent PSYOP campaign. What was it that set them over the edge? He struck a nerve. He called out the pedophiles of the ruling class.

In his article, “Soros is Funding False Flag Smear Campaign Against Mike Cernovich,” Mike describes the nature of these underhanded attacks:

“Shills on the Internet are claiming that I’m working with very bad people, when in fact the opposite is true. I’ve paid over $15,000 in legal fees to obtain testimony regarding pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his accused madame Ghislaine Maxwell.”

He goes on to explain:

“I filed a Motion to Unseal to learn what role Ghislaine Maxwell played in Jeff Epstein’s pedophile ring. These documents were filed under seal, and the public has a right to see them.”

He stated that his legal associates  “are trying to obtain documents that Maxwell doesn’t want the world to see.” In an effort to discredit him, internet shills are falsely claiming that Mike is tied to Jeffrey Epstein, citing a “friendship” between himself and Epstein’s associate Alan Dershowitz. Mike explains that Dershowitz was simply one man out of a diverse group of people interviewed for his free speech documentary. Their association began and ended there.

He continues:

Very powerful people are doing very evil things. They are sending their online shill army and media emissaries after me. This is their peaceful way of silencing me. … Clearly we are onto something big and must keep digging. You cannot kill an idea. Deep State is running a pedophile operation, and fearing me, they are sending shills after me.”

Prior to Mike’s official statement at Danger and Play, Squawker.org reached out to Mike after learning of the smear that the internet shills were collaborating against him.

The attacks themselves were a nothing more than a conglomeration of unwatchable videos and message board threads. The low production value seemed to indicate an exaggerated attempt to portray authenticity.

If Mike Cernovich is known for one thing, it is his honesty. This honesty is most often what is used against him, but in the end, the smear campaigns will not endure. Because it is his honesty that causes his readers to pause at any rumor spread about him. His haters may mock him, falsely accuse him, and spread all kinds of rumors about him. But none of it will stand.

The truth is, the globalist establishment cannot silence Mike Cernovich. He is an influencer and an apologist. If they take him out, ten more will rise up in his place. The guard is changing at all the gates of influence. Freedom fighters everywhere are becoming too big to ignore.