The University of California at Berkeley continues to be a hot spot for the renewed fight over Free Speech rights here in America. With noted Conservative Ben Shapiro giving a controversial speech there just a few days ago. While it receives its attention mainly due to its legacy as being home to the original free speech movement. These days as we have seen time and time again, the current campus is anything but open to free speech. At least if that means Conservative or non-Liberal speech. Nothing highlighting this fact more than when former Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos visited the campus last year, causing a violent riot to erupt. This riot in fact being the first time the thugs over at AntiFa largely swept into mainstream public awareness. Next week Milo is set to return to Berkeley for the first time since that now infamous event. This time though he is bringing a few friends.

It’s the middle guest pictured above that has drawn the most attention though, possibly even more then Milo himself. As since his return to Breitbart the now former White House Chief Strategist has not made too many public appearances, let alone one that will be in such a public and openly hostile environment. Which makes it not surprising that Milo has gone out of his way to publicize this appearance by a man he has called his close friend as well as a hero and patriot. Even going so far as to put up a special video regarding his attendance to the event on his Youtube page.

Why though would Mr. Bannon risk attending an event where there is a real chance for violence or at the very least negative publicity? Especially when he has only just started work on righting the ship over at Breitbart which appeared to flounder without his direction. One theory being floated around, is that the pair intend to use this Free Speech Week event as an announcement pad for Milo’s grand return to the formal Breitbart family.  

For those that are unaware. Early this year Milo opted to resign from the organization in the midst of defending himself against a RINO engineered scandal meant to discredit him. Stating at the time he didn’t want his personal issues to cast a negative light on either Breitbart or his friend Bannon who had just started in the White House. Now though with the controversy having seemingly run its course, and Milo once again resurgent in popularity. His new book even becoming the number 1 best seller on Amazon. Might it not be the perfect time for the site to welcome back what was once its most popular star by far?

It’s not as if Breitbart ever stopped talking about their former writers escapades. Covering him consistently since he left the organization. Even more telling is the strong coverage this Free Speech Week event has gotten from the site in the build up to it. All these signs pointing to the fact that the organization is ready to welcome him back in the fold now, just as they only recently did with Steve Bannon. The very man who took a shine to the young gay provocateur at an early stage, and helped build him into a star. Milo as well could benefit from returning, as the site retains a huge reader base that is largely friendly to the pro free speech message he pushes. To say nothing of the financial backing Breitbart can provide. Backing Milo might want more then ever as he prepares to launch a new second national campus tour. The first of which was formally sponsored and paid for by the site. 

With all this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bannon takes the stage with Milo next week and announces his reinstatement as a formal writer for the news organization. After all there is no reason to believe what was once a mutually beneficial relationship, can’t be again. 

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