More Young Women Than Ever Are Moving To Major Cities Like New York: Turning Those Cities Into Uterus Graveyards


Now more than ever young women are flocking to the big city to live the glamorous stylish exciting lifestyle that the media portrays for them, but as soon as they get there they realized that the life portrayed was just a fantasy. With skyrocketed rent and incredibly high competition for jobs big cities such as New York and Washington DC, the two favorites of young women to go to today, young women find themselves working long hours at jobs they don’t like and having no savings account because a high cost of living required.

While it’s true that places like New York is where the most opportunities are with the largest corporations. You also have to understand that it’s also the place where people from all over the country and world come to also make it big. That means they are plenty of people who really enjoy these high-stress, fast-paced, business jobs where you have to work 50 to 60 hours a week. Where they not only endure these long hours they actually have a passion and enjoy them. And the fact is most people aren’t willing to work such long hours in the job they don’t really like and even if you can force yourself to work the hours the quality will never compare to that of someone who is actually passionate about it.

And the fact is most of these women aren’t going to the cities because of a passion for a job and a willingness to make it big. They are more interested in the social, glamorous aspect that is sold to them by the media, and that means they are unable to be competitive for these jobs that there is so much competition for. Leaving them broke and right back where they started.

And that social aspect leads us to another very interesting point. You see because it is mostly young women that are drawn to this type of glamorous life portrayed by the media in the big city. There is a very poor ratio for women in these cities for finding a mate. For example, New York’s population is 53% female to 47% male and that number is closer to 60% female when you only take people in their 20s. And given the fact that New York has a very high gay male population the numbers don’t look too good for women.

And of that small pool of the male population that is straight within the city. The type of man who would be drawn to the lures of the city is generally not the kind of men who are interested in long-term relationships with women. That is because the type of men that are generally drawn to the city are these career-obsessed men that have one dream to make it big and generally will not look for a wife until they can find a trophy wife when they are a rich CEO. So until then they only have relationships in the nature of killing time.

Women then are spending the prime years of their life wasted in a land where they have no hope of meeting someone who is of marriage material. Turning them into scorned feminists with an incredibly warped interpretation of male behavior, and an agenda to destroy all institutions of life blaming them for their own poor mistakes.

Meanwhile whilst the majority of young women go to the cities to waste the life of their uterus. Most men remain in the rest of the 99% of the country. Where the cost of living is much more manageable, and they have more connections already made. And because of the lack of competition is much easier to get a job. But because a majority of men are choosing to stay in these last urbanized areas, and because at the same time most of the eligible young women move away. This creates a terrible dating dichotomy for them as well in these areas.

So now we’re left with a society where both genders are set up for failure. Because they self-segregate themselves into different areas and then they both have a much smaller chance of finding a quality partner for the rest of their life.

All of this is because women believe the lie portrayed by the media of the glamorous easy life that can be found in these major cities. Whilst in reality for most people your best chance of success lies in going to less urbanized areas. And if women realized this and actually understood what life is all about instead of what the media tells them it is all about we would all be a lot happier.