Yesterday a vegan Left-Wing extremist shot up YouTube headquarters inside what was supposed to be a gun-free zone. As the full background on this latest Islamic shooter has already been covered in depth by many Right-leaning sites including us here at Squawker, I’d like to focus instead on just how the mainstream media has opted to present this story to the public. As they have rather unsurprisingly already found a way to turn even this latest tragedy to their political advantage.

While one would imagine that a non-male, non-White, non-Christian, non-Conservative shooter might pose problems for the Liberal narrative which the press have been working so hard to build over these past few months, that hasn’t proven to be the case. As despite the fact that more PETA members have now killed people in 2018 than NRA ones, this has only led to the major news organizations merely shifting gears to focus on the early warning aspect of the story. An angle they know plays directly into their long-term agenda.

In the coming days expect to hear a lot about the fact the shooter’s family warned the police about Nasim. Already even entire stories are dedicated to this so-called police inaction over these warnings. It’s as if these people believe the police should just arrested Nasim the second someone told them she might be dangerous. You might remember that this same argument was also pushed in regards to the Parkland shooter as well, but as he was more conveniently already a white male, they simply didn’t need to focus so exclusively on that aspect of the story.

This time around with the shooter being such an inconvenient criminal, the media is absolutely determined to focus on the fact authorities were warned early of a possible threat. As this narrative supports the advancement of Liberal backed “Red Flag” laws. I covered these controversial and terrifyingly freedom depriving laws in depth just recently, which you can read here. The short version though, is that it allows the government to confiscate anyone’s legally purchased weapons for as little reason as an anonymous tip suggesting someone might be possibly dangerous. Think that’s too crazy ever to happen? Consider that in Seattle, a 31-year-old man just recently had his firearms confiscated merely for looking at people in a way they found intimidating. These laws also called “Extreme Risk Protection Orders,” are already in place in four separate states, with another twenty-four currently reported to be considering similar policies as well.

Make no mistake, the Left is dead set on coming for our guns and abolishing the 2nd amendment. They will use any tactic possible to accomplish these goals, including punishing citizens for crimes not yet committed in what amounts to Minority Report style Pre-Crime law enforcement. Do people who exhibit warning signs need help? Absolutely. Do they need police busting down the door to take their legally owned weapons, not so much. Especially when these new laws will all to quickly be abused and turned on anyone guilty of modern-day wrong-think. A crime that according to an increasing many on the Left encompasses almost anyone to the right of Marx.

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