The Nationalist Spring: John McCain Fears the New World Order is Crumbling Under Donald Trump

New World Order

The Nationalist Spring, Donald Trump, and the impending collapse of the New World Order in the West

President Trump is doing more than making America great again. He is taking on earthly powers in their highest seats. He is doing all he can to restore liberty to America, and if possible, around the world. From America’s standpoint, this restoration begins with us. Nevertheless, Trump’s rise to the presidency did not occur within a vacuum. People all over the world are taking on tyranny in its most politically correct forms. Who are the tyrants? They are the globalists, and they are pursuing the fulfillment of a New World Order. And a nationalist spring is now fighting back against them.

What is “the New World Order?”

“The New World Order” is not a unanimously agreed upon term, but a common understanding is that it represents an aggregation of political and military powers concentrated for the purpose of establishing an authoritarian society under a single figurehead. The term has unusual parallels to what is described in the book of Revelation, found in the 13th chapter verse 7.

Revelation portrays the New World Order as a political system under the dominion of an evil spiritual power. One of the agendas of this reign is to control and subjugate civilians via military, political, social, and economic means. Some Christians believe that Revelation describes forthcoming circumstances, while others believe that many of these circumstances were fulfilled in 70AD under Emperor Nero.

Regardless of anyone’s perspective regarding the Bible or the book of Revelation, the notion of a centralized government is no strange concept. Historians have observed it for centuries, especially on the European continent. Tyrannical authoritarians have repeatedly sought to conquer Europe and its surrounding regions.

The countless examples include the Roman Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte, and more recent dictators like Adolf Hitler. Historians will disagree about what qualities redeemed or scourged these individuals, but a pattern emerges. Many have sought to unify Europe, for better or worse, through political force. All of them, for varying reasons, have failed.

The Founding of the European Union

In 1993, soon after the fall of the Soviet Union and the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, a handful of European nations established the European Union (E.U.). It seemed that world governments were finding a way to unite the European continent. Albeit with a nicer approach than conquest. It seemed beneficial for all.

In 1999, after long efforts to centralize national banking in Europe, a common currency was established with the introduction of the Euro. Meanwhile, officials in Europe worked to open up trade within the E.U. The E.U. was established as a means for cooperative military strength and economic convenience.

It began to face its debt crisis in 2008 as nations defaulted on their debts to other European nations, the European Central Bank (ECB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The illusion of security began to crack, as other nations suffered the strain of collapsing neighboring economies. But this was only a foretaste of the trouble lurking from within.

The Crusades

For centuries, Europe maintained a majority Christian populace. Islam was never far from competing for this influence. Islamic conquests successfully overwhelmed the Arab world and seemed to be taking Europe for a prize.

Leftist “thinkers,” in their peculiar desire to defend Islam, will frequently compare radical Muslims to the medieval Christian crusaders. They site them as an example of religious extremism at the hands of Christianity. The Crusades can be a mystifying topic, and many disagree on how to decode them. But one thing is certain about the Crusades. They changed the course of European history.

The Crusades were a type of nationalist spring that saved Europe from the conquest of Islamists.

The Secularization of Europe

Historians and political theorists also disagree about another complex phenomenon that transformed Europe — secularization. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many Europeans became increasingly non-religious. As the 20th century progressed, Europe grew more politically left and secular.

In one sense, secularism is an attempt at neutrality. But the secularism of the West took a different form. It sought to abolish any trace of religious perspective. This created a vacuum from want of religious virtue. Biblical virtues like “love,” “faith,” and “courage” were supplanted with irreligious platitudes like “tolerance,” “equality,” “progress,” “inclusiveness,” and “diversity” (T.E.P.I.D. for short).

This attempted neutrality eventually turned into hostility towards Christianity and traditionalism. With that hostility came political correctness, which led to the censorship of free speech and, in many places, disarming of the people. The trouble is, a religious void of this nature never lasts very long in a society. So something came along to take its place.

Neocons and the Perpetual State of War

Meanwhile, the Industrial Revolution brought a sordid realization to businessmen and investors throughout the world — war is very profitable. As a result, politicians, bankers, and businessmen of the world have developed a reputation for going to war for apparently no other reason than to profit.

In 1961, in his last address to the American people as their President, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the people of the “military industrial complex.” This term aged rather well over the next few decades, as America went on to exist in an almost perpetual state of war and military conflict.

While many would agree that there has been some utility behind some of this military activity, the public has become increasingly skeptical of American politicians’ creepy obsession with war. Furthermore, the public has become more aware of the incentives for those who wage war.

Over the last twenty-five years, acting on behalf of their financiers, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton (among others) have intervened militarily in the Middle East. This has disrupted already precarious circumstances in the nations therein.

Their actions have strengthened the textualist Islamist radicals of the Middle East and have created an international refugee crisis. A great number of these refugees practice an ideology and social norms that contradict starkly with Western civilization. The Christian-hating, politically correct secularist elites of Europe determined that refugees could seek a hiding place there.

Islam Strikes Europe Again

The authorities of the E.U. do not dole out resources without some strings attached. In addition to placing a stranglehold on free speech, the right to bear arms, and even engaging in internet censorship, the E.U. has also begun to threaten those nations who refuse to take in Islamic refugees.

In what many are calling an invasion, this deluge of refugees in Europe has created an international conundrum. Once rape-free Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. Terrorist attacks have become common-place throughout Europe. Crime is increasing and the cultural landscape is quickly changing.

What has abscessed into a crisis today began decades ago. Muslims have been migrating to Europe for years. Many Europeans have converted to the faith, a result of proximity combined with the religious void of secularism.

Although Islam is contrary to every leftist platitude, European political correctness has led to unreasonable protections of Muslims from the left. Frequent reports emerge about Muslim immigrants being let off the hook for vile offenses, while nationals are being jailed for overt criticisms of Islam.

The centralized powers of the E.U. have found a bedfellow in Islam. Their ethics may not always align, but they both seek after the subjugation of their people.

Fortunately, the tides are changing. A nationalist spring is growing.

Brexit and the birth of the Nationalist Spring

Britain has been obliterated by leftist policies and Islamic migrations. Some say that the ancient nation is lost for good. A cosmic ray of hope penetrated the fog in June of 2016 with Brexit, when Brits voted to extricate themselves from the E.U.

Coinciding with the sentiments of millions of Americans, populism has been rising in Europe. The most recent election in Netherlands and the forthcoming elections in France reveal growing populist sentiments. Nations in eastern Europe have begun to refuse refugees and are building walls and fences at their borders.

The E.U. threatens these nations for their defiance, but it is all to no avail. People are taking their countries back from another Islamic conquest.

A nationalist spring is rising in the West.

The False Song of Globalism

While the E.U. has fulfilled the Biblical archetype of the New World Order, this overreach of power is not contained within the continent of Europe. The New World Order, in its current manifestation, is a globalist movement. Globalist interests have mirrored those of the E.U.

Globalists take many forms, but they are typically at seats of power in business and banking. They act through their surrogates within the entertainment industry, education, the media, and world politics. They favor open borders, free trade, unfettered immigration, centralized banking, and war. Lots of war.

Globalists, like all tyrants, oppose that which threatens their power. The globalists detest politicians that cannot be bought. They oppose individuals who act in the interest of their economic self-sufficiency and the stability found within the nuclear family and a meaningful community. They also oppose crucial freedoms like free speech, self-defense, and the right to bear arms.

Like the E.U., globalists pretend that their ultimate goal is a peaceful, multi-cultural utopia. This is why Trump calls their agenda a “false song.” They see any notion of tradition, tribalism, or free thought as a front to their goals. And they wage war against those who do not cave into their fold.

One could infer much else regarding the agenda of globalism, but among their chief exploits is a dirty thirst for war. They will war against any nation or individual who challenges them in the manner. They do not always wage this war through the shedding of blood. The war is often for the minds of the people.

The Sociopathic Vessels of Globalism

Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election was the greatest political victory in American history. His victory was impressive because of the profound opposition he faced. He faced a historically hostile media. His followers were heavily censored and harassed both on the internet and in real life. And he overcame a siege of political corruption, fake news stories, and an endless stream of propaganda meant to tarnish his reputation.

Had Trump not won in such a landslide, the globalists may have stolen the election. Democracy in America would have been lost forever. Some worried that it already had been lost. But apparently, democracy was preserved just enough to prevent defeat.

Trump and his supporters have met all manner of opposition, but Trump’s primary opponents have been politicians and the media. In reality, these are two heads of the same snake. They all receive their funding from globalist enterprises, and they act purely in the interests of their handlers. What is it that retains the loyalty of these surrogates?

Some argue that they do it on the pretense of wealth, fame, and the semblance of power. Others believe that their incentives are blackmail. They infer that these surrogate’s handlers are blackmailing them over political corruption, personal embarrassments, and even deep-seated affiliations with sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Whatever their reasons, the globalists inevitably reveal their agenda. And to their chagrin, the days of their agenda may be numbered by the nationalist spring.

John McCain: “New World Order Under Enormous Strain”

On March 24th, Senator John McCain, an outspoken critic of Trump, spoke at the “Brussels Forum” conferenceThe EU Observer reported:

‘I trust the EU,’ [McCain] said, defending an opposite view from that of US president Donald Trump, who said in January that the UK ‘was so smart in getting out’ of the EU and that Nato was ‘obsolete.’

[McCain] said that the EU was ‘one of the most important alliances’ for the US and that the EU and Nato were ‘the best two sums in history,’ which have maintained peace for the last 70 years.

‘We need to rely on Nato and have a Nato that adjusts to new challenges,’ he said.”

McCain went on to express his crocodile concern over the fake news conspiracy theory regarding Russian influence in the presidential elections. He feigned similar worries over Russian involvement in forthcoming French and German elections.

Another hallmark of globalists is that they pretend that the Cold War is still ongoing. Ignoring their own corruption, they are quick to point the finger at Vladimir Putin for his alleged corruption. Instead of pursuing diplomatic relations with Russia, as Trump has suggested, they posture against Putin.

Despite the fact that Russia is establishing itself as a conservative and economically developing Christian superpower that desires to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth (you know, like America), the political establishment continues to pretend that Russia is an impending threat.

Even if Russia were a threat, it would be best to deal with them within the context of diplomatic relations. But the globalists do not want diplomacy. They want war. Because with war there is profit. 

This is why a trickster like McCain opposes Trump at every turn and continues to perpetuate the obvious fake news lies about Russia. This is also why he pretends to fear the nationalist spring within the E.U. Most disturbingly, he advocates for hindering relations with Russia in an apparent effort to stimulate another world war.

The Death of the New World Order; Unveiling the Nationalist Spring

Brexit, the election of Trump,  and the rise of the nationalist spring in Europe all signal the dissolution of the New World Order. Once it dies, it will probably reemerge elsewhere in the future. But thanks to the awakening of the West, America and the world has been given a second chance.

Much of Europe is likely lost forever, either to Islamic rule or a perpetual state of war. Only time will tell, but the inevitable changes will not always be peaceful. Restoration is never without unrest and turmoil. If Europeans have not lost their lands forever, they will reattain them only through much displacement and bloodshed. At least, that has been the pattern of history.

Because of this and other reasons, some argue that the fall of the New World Order will lead to great suffering all the world over. It would coincide with a time period known as the Fourth Turning. In their book, “The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About American’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny, authors William Strauss and Neil Howe hypothesize that the United States is now entering a time of great difficulty. Perhaps, great trouble is on the horizon for the American empire as globalism fights to maintain its power.

There is a sense in which human nature never changes, and history always repeats itself. On the other hand, technology has revolutionized the world for good.

The world is more different today than it has ever been, and we can only hope that we can undo the antihuman efforts of globalism with minimum suffering. With the nationalist spring happening all over the West, it seems we are on the right track.

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