Netflix Goes SJW

It is no secret Netflix, the online streaming giant, has put a huge emphasis on original programming over the past few years. Shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things have all garnered praise and awards from Hollywood. However, a new and disturbing trend is beginning; Netflix has gone SJW.

Netflix Goes SJW; New Content

Netflix has experimented with original programming since 2012 when it partnered with Norwegian NRK1 to distribute Lilyhammer to American audiences. Their first foray into fully original content was House of Cards a year later.

In the following years, the streaming giants released a slew of originals to the public, including the already infamous Dear White People. This series brings the 2014 film of the same name to the small screen.Netflix Goes SJW

Many have already canceled their subscriptions due to the release, citing the
unbearable irony of even the series’ name. Social media has blown up with users openly asking “what if there was a show called Dear Black People?”

Other SJW shows recently premiering include Bill Nye Saves the World, Amy Schumer The Leather Special, and The White Helmets. Each of these programs has received praise from the left, however, have also gotten lambasted on social media.

Response to such programming is reflected in Netflix’s poor first quarter Netflix Goes SJWnumbers for this year. Despite spending $422 million on new content, subscriptions went down by almost 500,000.

So what changed?

Netflix Goes SJW; the George Soros Connection

George Soros is among the thirty richest people on earth right now, worth some $25.2 billion. He also spends heavily to further his leftist agenda all over the world.

During the Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, Missouri during 2014 Soros donated $33 million to the group. He also used his pull to convince two contributors to his Open Society Institute to house Deray Mckesson in their Baltimore mansion.

Soros is also heavily invested in Netflix.

In 2015 he purchased 317,534 shares of the streaming service at the time worth $32.79 million. A year later he doubled down, buying another $13 million worth of stock.

That very same year Netflix released the hotly debated short documentary The White Helmets. That documentary followed the title White Helmets in Syria who, according to Netflix, aid Syrian civilians affected by the on-going Civil War.

While the short won the Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject), it has since been proven to have faked several scenes. In fact, the Syrian Civil Defense has publicly apologized for allowing the falsified reel to be released.

This may be, but probably isn’t, a coincidence that such a thing was allowed to happen just after the famously anti-Russian Soros invested in Netflix.

George Soros is known to contribute to the Ukrainian efforts against the Russian Federation, who support the Assad regime.

Netflix Goes SJW; The Irony

Dear White People, which includes a scene depicting privileged white students attending a party in black face, is itself divisive and racist. This series is a thinly veiled effort to disparage and isolate one race of people from others.

By holding one type of person above another, or in this case simply trashing one, major chasms begin to form between them. Dear White People is no more creating a united society than Birth of a Nation did one hundred years ago.

To a lesser extent, Bill Nye’s new program is also aiding to create a closed society. Once again the name says it all; Bill Nye Saves the World.

While of course, an educator would like to educate people about what they are passionate about, Mr. Nye is going about it all wrong. By suggesting that by subscribing to his personal way of thinking will save the world, he is implying that everyone who is not a like-minded individual is inherently wrong.

These types of SJW content will not aid any Open Society objective.

By demonizing the perceived opposition, in this case, conservative people, the left will fail to win over any converts to their way of thinking. It will only serve to drive a wedge between neighbors.

George Soros, and the left in general, are perfect examples of why the SJW moniker has taken on such derogatory status in modern society.

What do you think about Netflix goes SJW? Will you cancel your Netflix account? Do you think this is the beginning of the end for the streaming giant? Leave it in the comments below.

Editorial Credit; EugeneX / Shutterstock