the fourth turning is here

Well, folks, add New Jersey to the list, they are shutting it down. This would put New Jersey 4th, after Connecticut, Maine, and Illinois to enter shut down territory due to budget problems. In honor of that, let’s take a look at the tumultuous conditions manifesting themselves today, which the kids are calling: The Fourth Turning.

Christie doesn’t seem too troubled by things though.

Maxin’ & Relaxin’

Four out of fifty states may not sound like a lot, but when you do the math about 8% of the states are broke.

It is surprising California still hasn’t made headlines as these four have, but she can’t be far away. The rest of the states are next if they can’t find a way to replenish their tax revenue and re-prioritize their spending.

New Jersey

Statistics indicate that for the country as a whole, things are pretty bad. Coupling population growth with robotics and automation makes for a tricky situation.

What will we do about these people who need jobs? Already 94-96 million Americans are not employed, it is certainly possible there are at least a few million more underemployed.

We could raise wages, but this would perpetuate the problem. If labor becomes more expensive, employers might not be able to afford enough, or any, of it and even more people would be out of a job. Any business owner knows labor and the costs associated with them take up most of the budget.

And of course, everything comes from OPM (Other People’s Money), and when there is less of that going around, business owners might not have budgets with which to operate.

But if the government steps in and installs a UBI policy, the proles will have enough money to survive, and that’s only fair, right comrade?

The Fourth Turning is moving right along, and they know it is coming. The wave we are riding has not crested, the higher we go, the further we fall. This fall might make this turning event, more of a churning.

The Elite will buy up all the assets after they crashed at dirt cheap prices, yet again absorbing more of the middle class’ wealth.

New Jersey

Protests and demonstrations are more frequent than they use to be, probably because of no jobs, and their intensity is accelerating, not to mention the recent shootings and attacks going on all over the country- and those are just the man-made causes for concern, pay NO attention to the incoming solar minimum, or increasing frequency of geomagnetic storms. 

As a response to all this turmoil, DHS in New Jersey has designated ANTIFA as a terrorist organization, which takes this Summer of Rage to a new level. This guarantees uglier and more violent protests.

This unrest will only get worse if more people continue to have less, which seems to be the way we are going.