If you haven’t already heard the news a giant mysterious hole has opened up in Antarctica. Approximately the size of Lake Superior, this hole has scientists largely baffled in terms of understanding its origins. In fact the hole which is located hundreds of miles from the ice edge, would not even be known to man if not for satellite footage taken over the region. Perhaps most mysteriously the massive hole was first observed in the same location 40 years ago. It mysteriously then vanished for four decades, before reappearing in the same spot now. Given our lack of understanding on what caused this hole to form either now or back in the 70’s, scientists are being cautious for once and saying it’s “premature” to blame this strictly on climate change. For now researchers are making use of satellites and deep sea robots to gather as much information on the phenomena as possible, hoping to eventually figure out the true cause behind this mystery.

An image of the hole in the sea ice. Via NASA Worldview

In the meantime however, those miscreants over at 4chan aren’t sitting around waiting for a bunch of lazy scientists to figure this out. They think the answer lies in something a little less natural. More specifically some 4chan users have suggested the hole to be evidence that the long forgotten Nazi Antarctic colony of New Swabia is still active.

Image result for new swabia flag
The Flag of New Swabia

New Swabia is the name for German territory in Antarctica claimed by the third German Antarctic Expedition which occurred between 1938 to 1939. Like most things on 4chan, the link between this old Nazi territory and the current unexplained phenomena started out largely as a joke. When a few users began to point out that the temperature map of Antarctica featuring the mysterious hole just happened to look like a Totenkopf skull. An image which is most associated with Nazi Germany and especially the SS.

While at first this revelation just led to some cheap laughs being had at the idea of a secret underground Antarctic based Nazi army returning to the world.

Things soon took a turn for the serious though, as the connection to New Swabia was soon brought up. It wasn’t long then before the thread went full on conspiracy theory, discussing the scientific evidence for a series of warm tunnels underneath the continent, and digging up old Nazi journals discussing plans for a secret Antarctic colony.

Other image boards quickly started getting into the act as well, with users of the /pol/ board over on 8chan even discussing plans for a possible expedition to the area. To either make contact with the secret Nazi’s or at the very least troll the world by planting a New Swabia flag on the landmass. 

Amazingly all of this even has barely cracked the surface of the efforts now actually occurring on 4chan and similar sites exploring the idea of this secret Nazi colony. With hundreds if not thousands of users doing everything from digging through old German war records to mapping out underground Antarctic cave systems. In fact 8chan has even created a brand new section of their site dedicated just to the continued exploration and discussion of this idea. For now this is one rabbit hole I don’t wish to venture down further, but for those souls braver then mine, or perhaps just in need of a good laugh, you can see the continued efforts for yourself right here.

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