The leftist agenda to normalize pedophilia took a giant step forward last week when Twitter restored the accounts of several so-called “virtuous pedophiles”. In case you don’t know, a virtuous pedophile (or non-contact pedophile) is someone who claims they don’t act on their sexual attraction to children. 

Make no mistake either, this is part of the leftist agenda. With Liberal news site Salon even having published a number of articles from the self-confessed pedophile, Todd Nickerson, back in 2015. They allowed him to argue that pedophilia is a sexual orientation before deleting his contributions due to enormous public backlash. In his second Salon article, Nickerson, a proud Progressive left-winger, referred to his critics as the “right-wing hate machine”. If you spoke out in any way, according to Nickerson, you were a bad person: a right-winger. This is the same man who admitted “I would engage in sex play with a child”, and like his virtuous buddies claims there is a moral difference between “sex play with a child” and “sexual intercourse with a child”. If being a right-winger these days means being against any form of sexual contact with a child, then please consider me staunchly and proudly right-wing.

Fast forward to 2018 and the rejoicing pedophiles have found themselves a pro-pedophile academic to speak on their behalf. Dr. James Cantor wrote the letter below to Twitter advocating for pedophiles to have their accounts restored, and Twitter promptly obeyed. You know all about it because such a matter of huge public interest was covered by the mainstream media, right?
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Wrong. Unless you saw my tweet which was retweeted by Joe Rogan to his 4 million followers, it’s probably news to you too. You certainly won’t have seen it on CNN, NBC, or anywhere else. While Nickerson was bragging about his restored Twitter account, the silence from Dr. Cantor’s corner was deafening. To date, he has refused to speak to anyone about his ‘pedophile rights’ letter. He won’t answer questions, he won’t engage in debate and he won’t tell us how it came to be signed by the people who signed it. Crucially, he won’t address the inherent contradiction in the letter itself.

The logic is fairly simple: Let pedophiles on Twitter, or it’s Twitter’s fault if the poor, poor pedophiles end up raping children.

But wait! I thought they were “virtuous” and “non-contact”? I thought the whole narrative we’re being force-fed is “trust us, we’d never do that”? That’s not what Dr. Cantor thinks, so perhaps they should be called “possibly-virtuous” or “conditionally-non-contact”? They’re either non-offending or they’re not. They’re either committed to never raping a child, or they’re not. If the tipping point for child rape is a Twitter account, I think we all need to be very concerned. According to the logic of Dr. Cantor, if Twitter started charging a subscription for its service, and pedophiles couldn’t afford to pay, then “pedophiles will be unable to obtain the peer or professional support that they may need in order to avoid offending behavior”.

What then? A free Twitter account if you’re a pedophile to help you not offend?

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Dr. James Cantor
Dr. Cantor’s dangerous opinions and faulty logic have not been peer-reviewed, and they fall apart under the most basic scrutiny. It’s little wonder he won’t answer questions. What we’re seeing here is an unsurprising display of academic arrogance, because it’s far more preferable to the academic embarrassment of being wrong about possible child rapists. He has hinged his entire academic career on the depraved sexual cravings of pedophiles. This means if any pedophile on Twitter gives in and rapes a child regardless, Dr. Cantor will have even more awkward questions to ignore.