English Royalty Told To Stop Having “Flood” Causing White Babies


Just this past Monday the likely future King of England and his wife made it official, they are now expecting their third child together. While most people who care about such things were overjoyed with the news. Here in America one Liberal San Francisco based organization reacted differently. Writing an open letter to the royal couple which can be seen here, requesting the pair reconsider their decision to have another child.  Because they believe the child will lead to everything from increased flooding to the spread of Malaria and other deadly diseases. 

The organization who wrote this letter, Having Kids, stated that as public figures the couple had the influence to help promote what they called a “model sustainable small family.”  If you haven’t already guessed it, the argument against the pair having more then two children is based on the alleged environmental and economic consequences of a larger family. 

While one could try and argue at face value that is a reasonable message. The problem comes from the fact that the San Francisco based organization targets almost exclusively with its message of small families, upper to middle class white Americans.  The kind that live in a town like San Francisco to begin with, and are already well documented to be having far fewer kids then almost every other demographic.

Having Kids states their goal is for a worldwide movement of sustainable small families, but spends its money promoting this message only to a small First-World largely white audience that is already having less kids.  When migrant families come into the UK for example and have ten plus children, open letters are not written taking them to task for this. But when the future King of England wants just three children it is apparently an issue worthy of public debate. 

Even more damning to the argument being made by Having Kids and similar organizations. Is that they target almost exclusively the people who can afford to feed and provide for larger families. The open letter to the expecting Royal couple even admits this fact.

“Of course, we know that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are certain to have wonderful lives, protected from the deprivations of poverty and the threat of environmental degradation. They will receive optimal amounts of care and attention, as well as the best possible education.”  

So with that in mind why spend time targeting parents like this who can easily sustain and provide for as many kids as they ever wanted to have? Rather then focusing on educating Third-World parents on topics like birth control and sustainable family size. The letter itself of course rather ridiculously suggests that parents who choose not to have another child spend these saved resources helping another families kid instead.  

“Rather than having a third or more children, families consider forgoing another child and taking part of the substantial resources saved to help a different family plan a fair start in life for their child”

To the couples credit neither they nor any other member of the Royal family has thus far given the open letter the dignity of a rebuttal, despite the extensive media coverage it has garnered.  This hasn’t stopped some commoners from rallying to the couples defense though, with one woman on Facebook writing,

This is beyond the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. If someone wrote a letter to me suggesting how many children I should have, regardless of my societal status, I’d be sure to kindly return the letter, straight into their ass. Although there may not be enough room since their head is already so far up their ass.”

Negative responses like the above though haven’t stopped the group from riding the free publicity wave and releasing this unapologetic follow up.  A follow up that dares to call anyone bringing up the fact the organization only targets white and wealthy couples with their message, as racist or worse.

“Racist and eugenicist rants about why white and wealthy couples should have lots of kids to compete with birth rates in parts of the Southern Hemisphere. It’s hard to think of a more immoral or lose-lose proposition.”

Note this line above openly addresses the high birth rates in non white parts of the world, but doesn’t suggest we make any efforts towards slowing those down as well. Rather the organizations entire mission seems to be about making more room for these Third-World children by having less white ones.  But is this surprising from a group who openly states they do not “recognize antiquated national borders”?

Its important to remember that Liberal groups like this absolutely do not believe in a right to have children. In fact the group manages to attack both this basic biological right and the American right to free speech all together in this impressive bit of Social Justice Warrior level logic.

“Bioethicists and legal scholars have obliterated all arguments for such a right, and instead shown that the right to have children is more akin to the right to speak freely, which is limited in a way that protects others’ rights.”

Of course this ignores the fact that only just recently our Supreme Court reaffirmed that free speech is almost unlimited here still in America.

Instead of calling for a future Prince or Princess to be aborted in the name of “preventing heatwaves” like the letter states.  Why don’t groups like Having Kids start tackling the real demographics and countries contributing to overpopulation, and quit with the not so veiled attempts at white genocide. After all I think any rational person the planet over would argue that any couple who can reasonably provide and care for their offspring should have the right to as many as they want.


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