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Never Forget

On today, the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attack on the United States of America.  I thought it only fitting to take another look at the religion that continues to spread such violence and misery worldwide. More specifically I wanted to flip the Liberal narrative, and cover not how Muslims are the victims of racism, but how they are in fact some of the most prevalent real racists still thriving in the modern world.

Racism in all its forms has always been central to the Islamic identity and core to its militant expansionist roots. Hatred for anything or anyone “not like us” has always been the driving motivation to create a uniform Muslim world.  A goal that Mohammad himself specifically fought for and is clearly advocated to this day through the Koran itself.  One might have thought the repeated attacks on White European men and women by Muslims in Europe over this past decade would have made this fact painfully clear to everyone by now. But thanks to the mainstream media suppression of any story that might even begin to look negatively on the never ending migrant flow, the general public remains seemingly blissfully unaware of the race fueled hatred being moved into their cities en masse.

We are told constantly by our leaders to avoid racist Islamophobia, despite of course the fact that Islam is not even a race in the first place.  A skin color is not what we are scared of, a murderous religious cult is. There are Muslims in this world of all colors and I have just as much concern over the white ones like infamous terrorist bomber Samantha Lewthwaite, as I do any black or brown ones.

Actual Arab ethnic Muslims however, do certainly see color as an issue.  In fact when Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown as dictator of Libya in 2011, the new Islamic rulers who took his place wasted no time in instituting literal racial based slavery back into the country.  With gangs of Arab Muslims rounding up the black minorities in the war torn nation, to sell into slavery.  In fact the Arab majority in the country has taken to calling the Black residents of Libya “Abid”, a term that literally means “slave” in Arabic. This local equivalent of the N word, has gained popularity in much of the Middle East and Muslim Africa in recent years to describe those of the darkest skin color. If this surprises you for some reason, let me remind you that slavery is an openly accepted practice in the Islamic world.  If you don’t believe me just take the words from a member of Saudi Arabia’s highest official religious body on the topic.

Arguing, Ignorant, and Memes: "Slavery is a part of lslam... Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam... [Those who argue that slavery has been abolished are] ignorant, not scholars. They are merely writers. Whoever says such things is an infidel Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, member of Senior Council of Clerics, Saudi Arabia's highest religious body (2003)We live in a world where upwards of 27 million slaves still exist, and a frightening amount of them are living under Islamic masters. That number ignoring of course every Muslim woman, who could easily be argued a slave in her own right. Given that is how the religion officially views the role of women to this day. I’ve already covered my views on the insanity of Western women cozying up to a religion who wishes them to be stripped of nearly all their basic rights, so lets instead focus on the racist hatred Muslim men seem to harbor against White women in particular.

In Europe things have gotten so bad with this problem that Germany has announced plans to ban all images of White scantily clad women in advertisements. This being done in response to the rise in migrant led sexual assaults occurring against native German women like the infamous mass attack in Cologne last New Years Eve. To put this simply, Germany is banning images of pretty German girls, to better appease there new Muslim residents who apparently can’t just stop raping anyone displaying a little skin. It’s madness of the highest order, and yet it seems to only be getting even stronger.

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Europe Will Ban Ads Like This, Before They Will Ban Islam

If the media is so determined to continue its never ending crusade to end racism.  It’s time both they and our governmental officials stopped turning a blind eye to the single biggest perpetrators of it. An entire religion whose track record of violence and terror against those of other colors is well documented and stretches back to their very origins.  Just remember the next time someone tries to insinuate you are racist for not looking kindly upon Islam, that your accuser would likely never do the same to a Muslim verbally attacking a Christian or a Jew.  Disapproval of Islam is not about race at all, instead it is merely a defense of important basic Western values such of the types America was founded upon. 


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