Pelima Attended High School In Ohio But Suddenly Withdrew Before Completion

Years ago Kula Pelima escaped the violence of her war-torn home of Liberia for Akron Ohio. America was good to this woman, who eventually found herself living in Wilmington Delaware the mother of two young boys. Now though those very children, one aged just 5 and the other only an infant, are dead. Seemingly by their own mothers hands. What would drive a mother to such a horrible act? Would you believe an irrational fear of Trump led deportation?

Pelima had been living with her boyfriend until last week, when immigration officials picked him up. This caused Pelima who had let her visa expire long ago, and opted to illegally stay in the country, to quickly start fearing that she would be next. Oddly enough though, officials dealing with this case have now stated that even with current stricter immigration enforcement there was very little risk of Pelima ever being deported. As unlike her boyfriend, before this instance she had no criminal convictions and had entered the country legally at first. As many have already stated but most liberals continue to ignore, ICE officials are working almost exclusively to target dangerous offenders with a clear criminal history. 

Pelima had attempted to take matters in to her own hands this past Monday morning though when she called her local police department, demanding to know if she would be deported. Telling dispatchers she was concerned by her immigration status, and complaining that she never had to worry about this under Obama. Authorities attempted to calm Pelima over the phone and even went so far as to send a local officer out to her home. The officer then assured her she was not likely to be arrested or deported and even provided her with the number of an Anti-ICE immigration hotline to call for more assistance.

The Crime Scene Hours Later

Shockingly though, all that apparently wasn’t enough to calm the nerves of this Liberian refugee as just hours after the officer left her home, she called 911 a second time. This time informing the horrified authorities that she has just downed both her 4 month old son and his 5 year old brother. Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracey has since told reporters that the women sounded “controlled” when informing the police of her actions and not like “someone that just murdered two children.”

Worse yet more recent reports are now coming to light that Pelima beat at least one of the children before drowning them. With Pelima apparently voluntarily informing police who arrived on the scene that she physically assaulted the older boy before placing him in the tub with his infant brother, and holding him underwater until he stopped moving. For her crimes, Pelima herself has been charged with 2 counts of first degree murder and currently sits in jail on a 2 million dollar bond. Ironically her actions have actually helped t her boyfriends situation, who has now been released from Federal custody on “humanitarian grounds” after being informed of the death of his sons.

It’s clear that media led hysterics and misinformation over Trump and ICE deportation policies had their part to play in this tragic story. While obviously a rational being of any type wouldn’t ever be capable of such an evil act, it would seem this woman was not in fact rational or sane. In the coming days I am sure we will hear a leftist spin on this story painting this woman as a victim of the evil Trumps barbaric immigration policies. After all these are the same types of people who got outraged when Harvard decided to not admit another black women who murdered her young child. Despite what the usual left talking heads will inevitably claim though, the real tragedy here is that had this woman simply kept her visa in good standing, and taken the time to be here legally. She never would have had the concerns that apparently led her to the impulsive murder of two children.

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