Rick and Morty is the number 1 cable show for Millennials but why is it succeeding among them when most are failing


Rick and Morty the smash hit cult classic from adult swim on cartoon network has just been signed for an additional 70 episodes at 10 episodes a season that’s seven more seasons. This comes after the amazing success of the season three finale which scored the highest ratings for cartoon network in the channels entire history and almost all of those viewers were millennial’s. In fact, this show is the number one cable television show for millennial’s which has really caught the attention of network executives desperately trying to improve millennial viewership. And that is because of the fact that millennial’s are the first generation since the rise of television to have a lower viewership than the previous generation and that is of course because of the rise of online media, and that worries the networks who are desperately trying to get those eyes back on cable television. You can see this through the networks trying to emulate and even control a lot of online media through the creation of platforms such as Amazon TV, YouTube TV, and Xfinity streampix.

But why is it that Rick And Morty are so popular among millennial’s at a time when most cable shows are failing among that age demographic.

First, let’s talk about the basic plot of Rick and Morty. The show is centered around the misadventures of Rick, a nihilistic sociopathic genius scientist, and Morty, his young pubescent naïve sidekick grandson, and their travels through the multiverse with the occasional technological fowl up. The show also includes the other members of their family including a stereotypical beta male dad whom Rick hates, a mother whose Rick’s daughter he abandoned, Morty’s sister summer and the occasional appearance of a side character named Mr. Poopy Butthole, and that gives you an idea of the type of humor of the show.

The show started with a unique style of humor and had a couple of episodes that had clever multilevel humored plots. To give you an idea of what I am talking about it was like the style of inception brainteaser but humorous. But the latest season lost that style of clever plots and just focused on weird characters and had a lot of dark humor. The reason for this is probably because the writers just didn’t have any clever ideas left but another reason is their focus on social justice causes not so much in the show but in reality to give you an example they made sure for the third season that they had an equal number of female writers as male and that would explain the quality drop-off.

And it was that clever humor in the beginning that drew the viewers in and also gave it the mystique of being a very intelligent show and that mystique I think also skyrocketed popularity with a sort of emperor’s new clothes effect. But the reason I think it was so popular for millennial’s it has that new signature millennial style of humor of the show being very self-aware of itself as a show and made jokes on that fact. It also has themes that apply to white millennials in particular themes such as a sense of being lost and having no place. It essentially plays out the cultural Marxist dogma we’ve all been taught in their world and it leaves the characters in the show depressed feeling the same way most millennial’s do having been taught that dogma as absolute truth through all the institutions in society.

There are also a couple Freudian slips done by the writers in the show that I think also adds to its popularity. Slips like how the whole show is centered around them going through portals that lead to infinite universes the characteristics of which are so monumentally ridiculous and fundamentally stupid that it just leaves you laughing with how impossible it all is. But the fact is the multi-verse theory which is the only other alternative to the theory of there being a supreme God says that all of that is true and when you actually see it played out in the show every essence of your being knows that this can’t be true.

All in all Rick and Morty is an interesting show and is really a sign of times and because of that and all the other reasons I mentioned earlier is why Rick and Morty have seen such success when other cable shows have failed.