The amazing ability to refrain from all personal accountability for one’s actions is a longstanding talent of those on the Left. There always appears to be someone to blame when things go wrong, and increasingly that someone always seems to be a man. Case in point, the latest trend in Feminist styled journalism, blaming men for the increasing amount of childless, unmarried, and unhappy women.

Take for example this article written recently by famed British journalist Elizabeth Day. Who while voicing her concerns that over a fifth of British women over 40 are now childless, (a statistic that rises every year) also proudly declares, “I spent much of my 20s fervently avoiding pregnancy as if it were a communicable disease.” You might think from the above quote, Ms. Day seemingly holds herself responsible for this lack of children she now seems to regret so much. This is sadly not the case however for the admitted divorcee, who instead goes on to explain that the real problem for her and other women in her position. Is that the available men just aren’t up to their high standards.This particular brand of Feminist fueled man blaming is hardly new and sadly only seems to be growing. As every day more and more middle-aged women who spent their youth partying rather than looking for someone to start a family with are struggling to come to terms with the lonely future that now awaits them. Never wanting to consider the idea, that the “good men” they all claim don’t exist merely are just already happily paired off with the few women who didn’t behave like that when they were younger.


To be clear, I am not trying to slut shame. How people choose to live their lives is their own business, as long as they don’t then get angry and lash out at others when their life choices eventually catch up to them. We are now facing a generation of adult women who spent their youth sleeping around and yet are somehow increasingly perplexed as to why no decent man is jumping at the chance to wed them. It’s a strange world we have created where our politically correct culture prevents the majority from openly addressing the obvious source of the problem, and instead encourages all sorts of ludicrous alternative causes.

It’s not even just limited to older women either. With even younger girls finding reasons to blame male shortcomings for why they remain single. One popular excuse? That women are just too smart for modern men. With one 23 year old, for example, stating she believes, “the sense of achievement derived from learning is alien to most men.” For all their intelligence it would appear these smart women can’t seem to figure out that insulting the entire male gender isn’t the best way to find a man. Hopefully, for these girls, that lesson is learned fast. As a recent study found that more than 90% of college-educated women were delaying starting a family, not because of their careers but merely because they couldn’t find a suitable partner.

This Feminist fueled arrogance has also led to one another sad development. Adult women leaving their longtime partners because they suddenly decide they can do better. Take, for example, the woman pictured above who left her loving husband of many years, because she “began to feel embarrassed by his blue-collar jobs.” Now she is upset that while he happily remarried, she failed ever to find anyone who could live up to her insanely high standards or even just match the quality of her ex-husband.

The saddest part of this trend however, is that it’s even leading to a rise in female suicides. With older single women increasingly killing themselves as they watch their friends slowly get married off while they remain alone. What none of these stories ever mention, however, is just how these girls chose to behave in their years before genuinely trying to settle down. It’s high time these women stopped judging men for their alleged inadequacies and started to take a real hard look at their own character flaws. If they could only do that, both genders might just end up a lot better off.

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  • ALenny Schafer

    Women are biologically better suited to have children in their young adult years. Men have no such biological restrictions. These very clever women who put career and fun before having a family,
    because that’s what men do, have found themselves removed from the gene pool. Feminism lies, but nature eventually corrects.

  • Razorback

    We are talking the UK right?…Well they have nothing to worry about as some male muslime will soon grab them as one of their wives .They will never be lonely again

    • Nickel

      They don’t wives the old prunes…

    • Take The Red Pill

      Accordingly, the Muslims aren’t really into marrying female infidels, as much as raping them.

    • Mark Switzer

      Even a burka won’t help those skanks!

  • Paul Neubauer

    Feminism pushed women out of the home into the labor market where they devalued labor and replaced marriageable males in status jobs. Equality of opportunity, if it’s simply applied to the workplace, is as bad for both sexes as equality of outcome.

    Women should be diverted out of the workforce and out of higher education.

    • Take The Red Pill

      These same women were happy with “Equality of opportunity”, just as long as it meant that they had their ‘head of the line’ privileges.
      Well, they demanded ‘equality’…so let them keep themselves warm at night snuggled up to their careers, and support the economy by having to work for the rest of their lives until they drop dead.
      Just like we men have to.
      But I’ll bet that isn’t the kind of ‘equality’ that they wanted, don’t you think?

  • Rick Martin

    The author hit the nail on the head: “The amazing ability to refrain from all
    personal accountability for one’s actions is a longstanding talent of
    those on the Left. There always appears to be someone to blame when
    things go wrong, and increasingly that someone always seems to be a man.”

  • Tesla_X

    When your own SELFISH EGO is more important than Family, this is the inevitable result.

    Ladies, time to put down the feminist crackpipe, burn the pussyhat, and enjoy Family for a change.

    Growing old and dying alone SUCKS.

  • Janik Litalien

    “A woman’s desire for men to “man up” is inversely correlated to the number of dating options she has.

    The more men she has in the pipeline, the less likely she’ll care if a guy mans up or not. Do you think a hot 21 year old co-ed, who is getting more attention than she can handle, who has guys desperately trying to wife her up, really notices that men in Western society are withdrawing from the marriage game? Things couldn’t be more peachy in her world because of the nonstop attention party she’s enjoying.

    But all parties come to an end. The young girl will make the decision to pass on many suitors to perpetually live the Sex and the City lifestyle. When she turns 30 the wrinkles around her eyes are no longer easy to hide with Covergirl, and guys suddenly become more lazy in trying to get her out on a date. They are not contacting her after she puts out like they were before, even though she made them wait three full dates before opening her legs instead of three hours. They’re not so eager to introduce her to friends. The attention she gets on OK Cupid is good for only a temporary confidence boost since 99% of the guys messaging her are lower quality than what she could get in the past. Something is off, but since it definitely isn’t her, since she has done absolutely no wrong in her life and made no poor decisions, what must have happened in the previous six years is that men became boys. There is no other logical explanation.

    She has fond memories of being 23 and wanted by every guy without having to do any work on her part. But even though she’s now more cultured, more traveled, more intelligent, more polished, more cuntish (in a way that female authors argue is attractive), none of that is hooking them like they did before. She remains oblivious to the fact that age and beauty matters. She sincerely believes that suddenly men have lost interest in being men.

    The sad truth is they have simply lost interest in her. She decided not to get on the ship when it was boarding, and now it has sailed away, never to return.”

    – RooshV

  • The_Donald_2016

    I have a FB friend – actually an ex-GF who is overweight and ugly. She is constantly posting pictures of ‘hot guys’ sporting sculpted muscles and six-packs, while harping about how men shouldn’t judge women by their body size!

  • yruymi

    Can’t blame the men for shying away from these feminist zealots. Who in their right mind would want to be married to a cause rather than a woman.

  • JT Coriolis

    Feminists are fucked up.

  • Christopher John Steyn

    The world is significantly over-populated, being the main reason for global warming and the environmental decline we have witnessed since the bonking-crazy baby-boomers screwed (my apologies for the pun) it up for the next generation. Feminism is natures way of attempting to control that. Deal with it.

    • Take The Red Pill

      Are you trying to say that feminism was meant as a method of birth control?

    • Lawrence Newman

      The world’s population growth is being driven mainly by African and Asian birthrates, not whites, boomers or otherwise. Man made global warming is a hypothesis and hasn’t beenconclusively proven.

    • Paul Johnson

      How many people can the planet support? And, are these 1st-world people or 3rd world people?

  • im lost

    karma is a dish best served cold

  • Fantaman

    Females often forget they have an expiration date..

    • Tesla_X

      Unselfish Females never expire unless God takes them from us.

      Selfish ‘feminists’ SPOIL IMMEDIATELY.

      • Fantaman

        Not what I meant but sure

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    You reap what you sow. Women are now harvesting the fruit of the plants they tended so well for the last 50 years. What they ignored was the fact that the fruit those plants now bear is bitter and even toxic.
    I have no pity for them. They worked so hard to enact the social change that harmed men, without understanding that it would harm them as well.
    The party’s over, and now comes the hangover.

  • Steven

    The common denominator in this is YOU. If you’re so wonderful then men would be beating a path to your door, pushing each other out of the way, and demanding a ring on it.

    In case you think I’m being mean to women …. my father told me the SAME THING to me when I was in my mid-late 20’s.

    I LISTENED to him and decided to change. Pride and ego are toxic to any relationship.

  • Mike Richard

    Oh well I don’t care about western women. They could be on fire and I wouldn’t pee nor take a dump on them to put the flames out. This is their own doing and now that a backlash is happening they don’t like it. This is why I don’t want to deal with western women and I refused to hire women for my small tech company and never will. Plus I’m getting married to my non western girlfriend of 6 years. She doesn’t behavior like these nut jobs and she finds their behavior disturbing and sad. She don’t like hang out with them. Like one these western women tried to turn her against me and kicked her the hell out of our house on the spot.

    Well I better get some stocks in pet food and toys companies in the western countries. I’ll make some money . LMFAO burn in hell bitches

  • Lawrence Newman

    This is what happens when you allow women higher education and political, social and economic equality.

  • Anthony Jones


  • Paul Johnson

    Good article. Please stop saying gender when you mean sex.

  • im lost

    Happy MGTOW here, too bad ladies the juice is not worth the squeeze

  • Tom Jones

    Personal responsibility is like kryptonite to a Feminist.