Last week we covered the possible connection between the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Bin Salman and the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting that occurred back in October. In that same story, frequent allusions were made towards the growing strong relationship between the Crown Prince and President Trump. As it’s a relationship that is resulting in increasingly positive effects worldwide, let us now take a closer examination as to the real motivations behind this critically important political alliance.

A key message in the Presidency of Donald Trump has been the idea of “Draining The Swamp,” or in other terms clearing out the rampant corruption present in Washington. What’s important to remember though, is that this Swamp exists largely due to the large amounts of Saudi Arabian money at work behind the scenes. As mentioned in my prior column, one of the biggest players in this corruption is the billionaire member of the Saudi royal family, Alwaleed bin Talal. A man who both actively fought against Trump’s election, and had a hand in choosing key members of Obama’s cabinet.

You will note in this second headline that Talal, along with all his fellow corrupt co-conspirators were arrested suddenly just within the prior month. It was a move that appeared to come as a shock to political and businesses leaders all around the world. At least all except for President Trump, who acted as if he knew the mass arrests had been coming all along. Even quickly giving the operation his blessing.

To get to the root of how this could be so, we must first go back all the way to 2010, and the rise of the fracking industry. As everyone knows the economy of Saudi Arabia is based on their oil exports. Through their key membership in the cartel known as OPEC, the Kingdom has for years enjoyed large control over the price of gasoline worldwide, thus granting it in turn an over-sized influence on world affairs. Around 2010 however the fracking boom began, and the country for the first time in modern memory was faced with the real problem of not having a monopoly over the worlds oil supply. 

What happened next is well documented. The OPEC nations banded together and rose petroleum production to previously unheard of levels, causing gas prices to hit all time lows worldwide. The thinking behind this move, was that the OPEC nations believed they could afford to take a short term loss but that the brand new fracking companies could not. Hoping that artificially low gas prices would soon drive their new competition out of business, after which they could then simply allow production to slowly return to normal levels. Between 2013 and 2016 OPEC attempted to put this strategy into play, slowly getting more nervous each year as they noticed that American oil production wasn’t slowing down as expected. This largely due to the fact that technology advancements kept continually lowering the cost of fracking, thus helping ensure the companies could stay afloat despite low gas prices.

With the price control strategy failing them, the power brokers inside the Kingdom turned to another tried and true tactic, government manipulation. Opening up their large bank accounts they spent billions lobbying and buying off key members of the Democratic party, knowing that Liberals already had a taste for illogical environmental regulations. For a time this tactic even seemed to be working. With this all new American industry facing increasing regulations and legal hurdles at every turn. To this day even, the practice is illegal in many blue states. The key to this strategy though was always ensuring that Hillary Clinton landed in the White House. A politician who received more money from Saudi hands than any other in American history. Most importantly someone, who had she reached the highest office in the land would have moved quickly to formally make fracking and shale oil production of all kinds illegal, thus returning us back to a dependency on Arab oil.

This is why Trump’s surprise election night victory sent shock-waves through the Saudi elite. Couple that with recent revelations regarding the sheer size of American shale reserves, and for the first time ever there was a real panic over the future of the Kingdom. At this point King Salman faced a choice, keep business as usual or recognize it was time for a drastic change in policy if the nation was going to remain one of the few bright spots of stability in the region, even without a monopoly over oil. To truly modernize and diversify the countries economy though, the King knew he wold need powerful new allies, and that is where the President comes into the picture. 

President Trump meets with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office.

Shortly following the inauguration, the Crown Prince himself came to visit Trump inside the White House. This first meeting designed largely just to set the groundwork for the lager one between him and his father the King, that occurred later in Saudi Arabia as part of Trump’s very first trip to a foreign nation. It’s obvious from both the incredibly positive greeting and send off that the President received, that the King and the reformist Prince were quite pleased with the results of this meeting. Even going so far as to invite him to participate in a celebratory ceremonial sword dance, and publicly applauding his break from the prior President’s views on Middle Eastern policy.

Inside these meetings an informal understanding and alliance was likely solidified. In exchange for political and economic support, such as getting Saudi companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time ever. The King and his son agreed to start the slow political liberalization of the country. Which is why you suddenly see thinks like women being allowed to drive, and a 35 year old ban on movie theaters being lifted all occurring just in the past few months. Cracking down on Islamic based terror was also key, which is likely why both ISIS and Syrian rebels have suffered such huge loses recently, as their funding has suddenly dried up.

Perhaps most key of all however, was a promise to crack down on Saudi funding and meddling in U.S. politics. This last one may have proven the breaking point for many inside the country. As the young prince’s prior reforms were already not popular with the elite inside the Kingdom. Causing many to fear both simply losing power and influence, along with religious based anger over the increase in women’s rights. 

While I have already covered in depth what came next. The short version is that an elaborate plot was eventually hatched to eliminate both the King and his son, in an effort to pull back on all these changes. The plan failed however, and this led to the unprecedented mass arrests of all involved. Including many members of the royal family along with billionaire business leaders such as the previously mentioned Talal.

Further proof of this political partnership, comes from the fact that Trump’s son in law and senior adviser Jared Kushner took a sudden unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia just days before the purge occurred. Likely being informed of the planned arrests, and seemingly signing off on the Presidents approval of it.

The President shakes hands with the Saudi King.

While this newfound friendship between Trump and the head of the Saudi royal family has already led to great results both here and in the Kingdom. This hasn’t stopped Globalists from attacking the relationship at every chance they get. Even going so far as to smear the name of the legitimately reformist minded Prince. A man who has fought against Islamic extremism and general corruption at every turn. Those facts of course, not preventing liberal rags like The Washington Post from declaring him the new Putin, all in an effort to undermine him and the President’s efforts. 

While the removal of Saudi money will certainly hurt the D.C. Globalist and Liberal agendas. It actually only acts as a starting point to the President and his allies full plan to take down the corrupt machine that has infested our government. The full story on that however, will have to wait for another day.

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