Security Breach: Trump Tower at Risk of “Terrorist” Attack


Stolen Secret Service laptop had sensitive data. Will media spin to promote a terrorist attack?

Brooklyn, New York — On March 16th a laptop was stolen from the car of a Secret Service agent. Fake News CNN spins the story thus:

A laptop with highly sensitive information was stolen from a Secret Service agent’s car Thursday morning in Brooklyn and has not been found, according to two senior New York law enforcement officials. The officials said the laptop, which was highly encrypted and contained floor plans and evacuation protocol for Trump Tower, cannot be traced or erased by officials remotely, leaving the information at risk of being discovered.”

The backpack which contained the laptop has since been found, but the laptop remains missing. In seemingly conflicting reports, officials have said that Secret Service laptops do not contain classified information but state that the theft may cause a national security risk. The laptop in question was also protected by multiple layers of encryption. 

But is the real story somewhere beneath the surface? As per usual, one anon on 4chan provided an alternative theory to the media narrative. The poster contradicted CNN’s claim that the laptop cannot be remotely erased: 

All Government issued laptops are set up to remote into. Most of the ones used in war zones don’t even have anything on them, they remote into US servers to do their work, incase (sic) they’re either stolen, or taken off a dead body.”

The poster goes on to indicate that the media is spinning this theft to make Donald Trump look incompetent, assuring readers that the laptop would have been wiped of its data immediately upon discovery that it was missing. If this all proves true, that makes the rest of this analysis all the more intriguing:

This could also be a guise to launch a terrorist attack on Trump Towers (sic) in the near future. Remember this event and the bullshit the MSM pushes for it. In a few months, I bet Trump Towers (sic) will be attacked, and the first thing we hear on it will be blame on Trump for losing this laptop.”

There is no doubt that this theory may be a stretch (only a fool would believe it), but 4chan has been right about stranger things before. There is probably nothing to fear regarding the theft of this government laptop. Even if it cannot be wiped remotely, is it sensible to worry that the thief will be able to decode the encrypted data? 

However, it is interesting that the media is so intent on mentioning that the laptop contains “floor plans and evacuation protocol for Trump Tower.” That does not seem like particularly important data, unless the opposition and their media puppets have something else up their sleeve. 

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