In July 2017, Republican voter Gary Gileno, voice of the California-based Republican YouTube channel Grindal61, recently took a trip with some of his friends to Steinorth’s office to let the senator know that he and some of his fellow Republicans will be voting Steinorth and other “RINOs” out of office in 2018. As Gileno and his companions began to speak with those in the office, the police department was alerted, responding to the call within a couple of minutes. 

A whopping 16 countable police officers made their way into the building to escort Gileno and his Republican companions, who had non-violently visited a Republican office to demand answers about legislative decisions being imposed on them by their representatives. In addition to the 16 officers, a similarly astounding amount of police vehicles (approx. 18) were parked outside of the building with lights blaring. A literal flood of policemen can be seen inside and outside of the office, complete with a police helicopter that circled the area. All over a group of Republican voters visiting a Californian office. 

Let’s fast-forward now. At the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock allegedly scaled 32 stories with over 20 guns. After camping out in his hotel room for three days, Paddock decided to open fire on the ignorant civilians below, resulting in the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in the United States in history. After reigning fire for over an hour, police officials arrived at Paddock’s hotel room 75 minutes after the shooting began. This, combined with the fact that medics at the scene refused to turn on any lights or provide care to the injured, is enough to make anyone suspicious of all the details.

A number of national studies by the FBI, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Secret Service have confirmed that the average amount of time it takes to neutralize an active shooter situation is approximately fifteen minutes. Furthermore, the Department of Justice has found average response time to a 911 call to be a mere four minutes, while the average interaction time between a criminal and his victim is 90 seconds. So, what gives? Did it take the police officers an hour to reach Paddock’s hotel room? 

What makes the narrative even weirder is the hosting of a technology conference in Las Vegas, NV on Sept. 10-12 called Maximize 2017, held by ServiceMax from GE Digital. Maximize 2017 was held at the Encore (the world’s seventh largest hotel), which is on the same street as the casino in question. 

The above information is probably entirely coincidental. Las Vegas is a huge, busy city, and loads of things must have been happening. But at this particular conference, Ralph A. Clark, CEO of ShotSpotter, was a keynote speaker and panelist, and spoke on topics such as ShotSpotter’s innovative application of acoustic technology to identify and address gunfire in urban environments.

ShotSpotter claims that 89 cities use its technology, which employs sensors and cloud-based software to pinpoint gunshots and notify its user(s) (i.e., authorities or other customers). Sensors capture an audio file of any gunfire and send it to the company’s incident reviewing centers. Then, acoustic experts “review the data and add extra information such as whether it was multiple shooters or a high-capacity weapon. On average, an alert, which contains a map and location information, is sent to emergency dispatch and other authorities within 45 seconds.” 

With this astounding under-a-minute response time that ShotSpotter provides, combined with the fact that the company’s CEO showcased in Las Vegas less than a month before the Paddock incident, one must inquire, “Does Las Vegas work with ShotSpotter?” 

So far, the company has not returned requests for a comment from Squawker Media, but further information may be disclosed to the public in the future. The entire situation has been decried by many as “bizarre,” and the details surrounding the event are certainly questionable. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist or speculative journalist to comprehend that something is very wrong with this crime scene. It only takes someone with half a brain. 

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