The Reddit home of Socialism recently celebrated crossing the threshold to over one hundred thousand users or as they call themselves “Comrades”. Making it one of the largest Marxist discussion hubs on the English speaking internet. To celebrate this milestone they decided it would be fun to take a self-demographic survey of their community and discover together just who really made up these 100k plus keyboard warriors. The belief of course being that they could clear up some of the popular negative stereotypes people have regarding the average modern American Socialist. 

Well the results are in and something tells me it’s not what they had been hoping for. With the survey results revealing that almost all the stereotypes are overwhelmingly true.  This starting with the fact just about half the respondents revealed they were currently unemployed and an even larger 61% revealing they still lived in their parents or other family members homes. 


The diversity of this group who so often likes to champion such causes was called into question as well. With the user base revealed to be over 86% male and at least 75% white.  Though 6% did identity as “NonBinary Gender” and another 8% refused to answer the skin color question.  Meaning that most likely the users are about 90% male and over 80% white calling into question their status as champions against a white male dominated society.


While all this is funny, there were some frightening results as well. Like the fact a majority of users believed an armed revolution or insurrection should be mounted to achieve a truly Socialist society.  Or the fact that only a depressingly low 14% of users were in support of American style free speech protections.

The group also did nothing to hide its violent Antifa supporting streak.  With only just under 8% of users condemning violent riots and an almost majority calling them something that should by supported and encouraged.  In fact over 77% of survey takers stated they would happily work with fully Anarchist groups.

While it’s easy to laugh at some of these results.  It’s also a bit frightening to get confirmation that so many American’s really think this way.  Just take one look at the news to see that these people really do exist, and are increasingly taking to the streets to violently prevent the rest of us from engaging in our Constitutional rights of free speech.  Because of this it’s more important then ever we begin to educate these types of people about the real horrors that come with their preferred ideology being brought to actual practice. 


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