Last night CNN took the slightly unprecedented step of sending out a mass push notification to the phones of all its followers. Normally this is something reserved for only immediate breaking news updates. Think a sudden earthquake, or North Korean missile launch. Yesterday’s though was a bit different. Feeling far more like a forced propaganda piece then anything resembling real news.

This isn’t even another case of CNN presenting “fake news”, as this just simply wasn’t even news at all. It represents a complete abuse of the networks position as a leading American news provider, to push pure political propaganda upon its audience. That’s not even taking account of all the evidence calling into question the message itself. CNN would tell us that these recent actions by NFL players do not represent a slight on our Nation’s military, and is merely a racial equality based protest. Why then though have Black Activists started taking the knee in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

Nothing represents the service men who have died in defense of our flag more than this monument. A monument that commemorates all U.S. Soldiers killed in any war, thus in effect representing thousands of Black American service men as well. These people taking a knee in front of this monument aren’t making an issue about race. How can they be when they dishonor the memory of thousands of Black American soldiers who gave their lives fighting for the Country that they, unlike these young men believed in?

If this trend of tasteless protest continues however, these kids might need to start being careful. As it is important to remember the Sentinels on guard duty at the Tomb are not purely ceremonial. In fact serving as a Tomb Sentinel is one of the highest honors of in the U.S. military. It’s a duty so rare that the Tomb of the Unknown Solider Guard Identification Badge is the second least awarded qualification Badge in the U.S. armed services, only trailing being the Astronaut Badge in rareness. These servicemen take their duty seriously, and are encouraged to confront anyone who dares cross the barriers protecting the Tomb, or even anyone they perceive to be excessively loud or disrespectful. With that in mind it wouldn’t be shocking if within the new few weeks we hear of a serviceman dealing with one of these knee takers with a less then kind response.

Tomb of the Unknown
Only time one should bend the knee at the Tomb

CNN is wrong. These protesters are absolutely determined to make this about the Flag, Anthem, and Military as much as anything else. There is nothing possibly inherently racist about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In fact it is the definition of a monument that honors all who served equally, regardless of skin color. Yet that hasn’t stopped the protests from occurring there, challenging CNN’s its only about race narrative. Maybe next time the “News” Network should consider only using their notification system when they actually have some real news to report.


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