The far right fringes of conservative ideology, typically marked by an adherence to white identitarianism, traditionalism, nationalism, and (often) a notorious presence in the YouTube comments section, have been recently coined “alt-right” in recent years. This alternative right-wing movement has gathered considerable momentum in the past year, with associated medias such as Breitbart News,, National Policy Institute (deceased), Stormfront (deceased), and The Daily Stormer reaching record-high internet ranking during the presidential election of 2016. 

Much curiosity has been geared towards understanding the alt-right, as many white nationalists have outspokenly condemned the philosophies of supremacism, Nazism, and, occasionally, anti-Semitism (as some see the Nation of Israel as a successfully established white ethno-state). 

But unless the majority of alt-right ideologues rebrand, comb their hair, and seduce some of their political neighbors, the alt-right will wither up and die like a broken fever, forever recorded in the history books as a philosophy of hate and intolerance. Here are the three things that the alt-right needs to do in order to succeed. 

1. Rebrand.
We get it. You grew up in a culture where ethno-nationalism was frowned upon, and you mourn for the fact that you weren’t born in the era of Romantic nationalism. You may have had too much exposure to the internet, and have become desensitized to the overall message that swastikas send to the average American citizen. Thus, you march into rallies waving the flag of Nazi Germany and throw up the Roman salute for shits and giggles. Stop it. 

Even though Hitler might be one of the most tragically misunderstood historical figures of the 20th century, advertising one’s self with the slogan, “Hey, Hitler was actually the good guy,” isn’t doing anybody any favors. Neo-Nazism is very closely associated with everyone in the alt-right, despite the fact that many on the latter may be hesitant to associate with the former.

The logo for Identity Evropa.

The alt-right needs to rebrand. And in some ways, they have done this successfully. Identity Evropa, a white nationalist organization based in the United States, has abandoned most, if not all, forms of Nazi and KKK memorabilia. It’s only discernable symbols are A) a pristine, respectable image shared by its supporters and B) an upside-down triangle (or pyramid, depending on one’s perspective). 

The movement is split over the degree of success that the rally in Charlottesville has resulted in, but one thing is certain. Going full 1488 and trying to douse the entirety of your anti-protestors and average American onlooker with every red pill available isn’t going to work, and your movement will die as a try-hard restart of an old southerner’s wet dream. The alt-right needs more men with suits, ties, and outgoing personalities, and less Nazi or KKK memorabilia. This crucial step leads directly into the second important step the alt-right  must take to succeed. 

2. Take care of yourselves, for God’s sake.
An important value to the alt-right is to secure the existence of their race and a future for white children (I mean, hey, who doesn’t want that?). Many right-wing internet forums are filled with studies and statistics showing that the current growth experienced by certain European countries project that white people will be minorities in their own countries within the next several decades. 

Obviously, this would be troubling for any race to hear. But there is a solution. Have babies. Lots of them. Leftists and liberals are hardline advocates for birth control, abortion, and sexual promiscuity (“don’t ‘slut-shame’ me!”). One bloke even got a vasectomy at the ripe young age of 25. Because of this, the birthrate among those who would support the displacement of white people in natively white countries should steadily decline. But you, alt-righters, have to ensure that the birthrate of your kind rises. It is one thing to state an issue, and it is another to actually rise to the occasion. 

I’m certain that I won’t have to educate anyone on exactly how babies are made, but they aren’t typically made in your mother’s basement with fourteen 8chan tabs open on your triple-monitored desktop. You need to get a haircut. You need to get a job. You need to exercise. You need to contribute to society. 

Many alt-right ideologues do these things. But, sadly, there are those who do not, and instead slowly become the same stinking heaps of degeneracy that they are notorious for insulting. A clear message needs to be heard by the apathetic alt-righter, and that is that you can winYou can get the girl. You can control your life. You can support the cause. But it’s going to require some self-maintenance, a degree of abstinence from the internet, and some engagement with the outside world. 

Always remember that if you’re advocating for a white ethno-state, there’s no better time to begin greatening the general white gene pool by improving yourself. 

3. Seduce the normies.
I get it. You’re tired of hearing about subtle civic nationalist rhetoric guised beneath a thin layer of political correctness (albeit, they may deny it). But the average American joe is your mission field, and you need to be freaking St. Francis Xavier. 

You aren’t alone with your disaffectedness with the contemporary democratic landscape. You aren’t alone in wondering if multiculturalism, globalism, and religious pluralism are really utopian elements. You aren’t alone in longing for a revival of past traditions that your generation has swept under the rug in the name of “progress.” The average white working class man who happens to support President Donald Trump has often been lumped into the same political school as the alt-right, and as he is your neighbor, it’s only right to bake him some red-pill cookies and introduce yourself. 

Republicans and conservative libertarian nationalists who are disaffected with the current Republican-Democrat paradigm are not so far away from the cause as you’d think. A simple conversation can go a long way. But evangelism needs to happen, and it needs to happen fast if the alt-right is going to gain any momentum.

But for the last time, you can winOften, it’s difficult to practice what you preach, but not this time. The alt-right has a communicable concern, legitimate points for discussion, and a goal to secure the place of white people in their respective countries. As such, a foundation has been laid. The only thing less is for the house to be built, and the materials, alt-righters, are in your hands.