The ADL Is The #1 Enemy Of Digital Free Speech


The ADL, (Anti Defamation League) never fails to be a fiery conversation piece. The League, founded in 1913, describes itself as “the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency”. The ADL states that it “fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals, and protects civil rights for all”. Doing so through “information, education, legislation, and advocacy”. A bunch of fancy words that seem to translate as, if you’re white, you don’t deserve a proper place in this world. You don’t deserve to be respected. Also, to anyone who sees right through the wolf in sheep’s clothing, it has become highly noticeable that the ADL prides themselves on the taking down of content that they deem hateful.

Reddit was a more recent attack, the ADL CEO tweeted his congratulations out to the site for banning Alt Right, White Supremacist, and Nazi groups. Oddly enough, there were no replies to the tweet. So either nobody had anything to say, or people tweeted out against it, and those comments were soon deleted. Personally, I’d like to believe that our not so friendly CEO is just not relevant enough. But what (in their opinion) makes someone a Nazi? Where is the line drawn in all of this? Do you have to be a holocaust denier and see Hitler as a perfect symbol? Or, and what is more likely, do you simply have to say “white lives matter” in order to be considered a racist Nazi?

White lives matter, was a rally scheduled to take place in Tennessee today. Earlier, the ADL once again took to Twitter to denounce the rally and condemn those in attendance. Though the rally concluded earlier than expected, there was still enough time for both The League Of The South and the Antifa protesters to duke it out. Those in attendance of the white lives matter rally, chanted their famous “Jews will not replace us!” To which, I always thought was silly. Why would anyone worry about Jews? They are such a small minority, and even then I have observed that it’s only the leftist Jews who pose any kind of threat. But in today’s events, the protesters chanted back with “We will replace you”. ADL claims to fight for justice and peace, this isn’t the way to go about it. With the Harvey Weinstein case, and so many other Jews in Hollywood following in his foot steps, it’s no surprise that more people, even conservative thinkers, are calling Jews out for living up to their awful stereotypes. 

A black lives matter rally, is completely fine and encouraged. They chant things like “Black Power” and sometimes advocate for blacks to separate themselves from whites. When white people do the exact same thing, it’s hateful and racist. 

Censorship (of hate) has always been a key element in their “struggle for peace”. Under the first amendment, hate speech is protected. We are the only country to practice a first amendment, not even Canada has this. In their country, you can be criminal punished for getting someones gender pronoun wrong. The ADL wants to keep tabs on everyone’s speech, claiming that one can still practice free speech without being hateful. This is absolutely false. Expressing distaste for something, no matter how extreme, is still important. People will believe what they will, whether it’s said out in the open or not. 

Keeping YouTube and Google a hate free safe zone, has all been thanks once again, to The Anti Defamation League. For instance, YouTube has a program known as Trusted Flagger. It’s purpose is to “bring expert knowledge of complex issues like hate speech, radicalization, and terrorism.” Basically, if a video has enough flags, regardless whether said video goes against YouTubes sneaky guidelines or not, it will be taken down in the name of love. ADL is one of the leading institutions directing the course of the Trusted Flagger program. Apparently they legitimately have nothing better to do than to sit around and witch hunt content creators all day. 

For someone unwilling to do any further research, the ADL may seem like an organization who wants to better their world by removing other organisations and or belief systems with negative reputations. But look at them for more than a few seconds and you’ll see them for what they really are. Between the hit lists made against right wingers, disavowing of only one side, and their refusal to see white men as anything but oppressors, The Anti Defamation League are full of nothing but harmful hypocrites. They are the number one enemy of digital free speech, and until we fully see them for what they are and stand up for our right to speak, they will continually fight to put an end to freedom as we know it.