The Mainstream Media’s Weird Silence About Israel’s HUGE Wall and Extreme Vetting!


In 2013, I lived in Israel for a brief time and studied archeology. I was shocked by the extent of extreme vetting, the barriers and barricades, the policing, the detention, and the surveillance that happened throughout the country. The mainstream media refuses to even mention anything about Israel’s measures to control terrorism, yet they call Donald Trump racist, xenophobic, and bigoted for trying to do the same thing.

Mainstream media sources produce column after column of propaganda against Trump. They fill Americans’ minds with liberal keywords: racist, white privilege, anti-immigrant. But they won’t offer a single criticism of Israel, which has carried out even more extreme vetting and erected an even higher wall than what Trump is planning. What is the reason for the mainstream media’s silence about Israel?

Israel’s Response to the Second Intifada

Could it be that Israel’s measures to control terrorism actually work? Yes, they do. The Second Intifada, which began in 2000, was the turning point for a small nation the size of New Jersey. As has happened so often throughout history with other countries like Rwanda and the USSR, diversity failed in Israel. Diversity is a lie that should never be believed.

It all escalated when Ariel Sharon, who was not yet Prime Minister at the time, went on a tour of the Temple Mount, prompting a violent uprising among the Palestinians.

To stop the violence, Israel enacted a series of measures. Some of them were public, while others were done in secret. The first public action was a cement wall to separate the tumultuous West Bank from the motherland. The second was a divorce from the Gaza strip, another section of the Holy Lands that Israel could never control very well. And lastly, Israel moved to erect several checkpoints, including the Kalandia checkpoint, which is one of the largest in the country. Kalandia allows passageway through the West Bank Barrier. It has been subject to terrorist attacks before.

These are the public actions that Israel took after the Second Intifada. However, many of their non-public actions are more controversial than these.

My host Moshe explained some of the lesser known actions Israel has taken to ensure its security and stability in the region. While in the Holy Lands, I was to conduct my archaeological dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir, thought to be the ancient Biblical city of Ai from the time of Joshua. Khirbet el-Maqatir is located in the West Bank, so we had to go through heavy security to get there.

Moshe was a Jewish man, born in Israel, who had a propensity for honesty and openness. He told me that Israel has an extreme vetting system in place, not just for refugees, but for everyday passersby, tourists, anybody entering or exiting the country, or anybody accessing a checkpoint. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) detained us multiple times at several different locations. They asked for our itinerary and inquired about where we were going and what we were doing. We always complied with every IDF request.

Moshe mentioned that Israel uses a license plate system to track cars going in and out of the West Bank. The IDF restricts certain cars from entering Israel under any circumstance. Cars are assigned a certain color of license plate based on which ones are allowed through checkpoints versus those kept out.

IDF Uses Surveillance of West Bank Villages

Several of the archaeological sites I visited were located at the top of hills, called “tels.” Tels are sites rich in artifacts that have collected over several millennia. Civilizations were literally built on top of each other, forming a mound shape with a flat surface. Tels are found all over Israel. Some of the tels I visited were in Beer Sheba and Hazor.

Sometimes, when we visited tels in or near the West Bank, we would find IDF monitoring the Palestinian populations with radio signals. IDF never revealed what they were doing, but it was clear they were engaging in surveillance.

Even with a tall wall separating Israel from the West Bank, the IDF still engaged in surveillance, tracking the flow of traffic in and out of the country, and extreme vetting. Apparently, doing the same thing in the U.S. is xenophobic.

Why is Israel allowed to maintain its security with such measures, but the U.S. is not allowed to do similar things? The mainstream media is nearly silent about Israel, but tells Americans that it’s racist to ensure the survival of the U.S. in the age of globalism.