When people hear about Russian hacking or interference in the USA 2016 election, most ignore it because there hasn’t been any tangible evidence for the unfounded claims and rightly so; however, an interesting report surfaced that details the operation of a Russian Internet Defence Force.

The Russian Internet Defense Force, or RIDF for short, is on the internet countering negative Russian narratives on a plethora of sites like Facebook and Twitter. RIDF’s job is to discredit and attack opposition leaders.

In the video above, a Ukraine Today report details the experience of a woman who worked for the RIDF. She was required to sign a non-disclosure and received a salary of $1,000. Her tasks were not limited to just Russian websites or affairs, but also the USA, Ukraine and the EU.

David Brock Shareblue/Media Matters left, James Alefantis, right

It isn’t common to see nations build their army of trolls. There is the JIDF for instance, and there are also similar enterprises in the USA. Shareblue, run by David Brock, has a notorious reputation for mucking up message boards and comment sections on more websites than it should. Another Brock brainchild that unfortunately exists is Media Matters, which much like Shareblue pollutes the internet with tons of liberal propaganda and linguistic vitriol.

As far as these site’s activity, they are usually most active for the election season, spreading all sorts of praise for their candidate and lots of hate towards their opponents.

The internet is a battlefield and the war for our minds, collectively The Mind, are on the front lines. Through research and observation, people can decide what is right and form their own opinions. Taking to heart what someone else says without your own research is not a sound way to construct an objective view of reality. Whether someone you are listening to is a talking head, pundit, social media personality, political activist, businessman, priest, a commenter on a Youtube channel, or the old man on the street, they are all pushing an agenda at some level.

Being able to recognize the tactics of the Elite and their army of shills on the internet, and in real life, can go a long way in creating an environment where a more unified and genuine populist movement can flourish.