Inequality is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a certain population achieves social status greater than another population, leading to the underrepresentation of the latter, which typically becomes a minority. This is the concept that is most often associated with the idea of “inequality,” caused by the presence of minorities who are less represented than the majority of any given population.

However, there are instances of inequality that reside in mere differences between people groups that are naturally unavoidable. This is evident in human biology, with white men being more prone to testicular cancer than any other ethnic group, and black men are more than twice as likely to suffer from diabetes. This is a natural inequality between populations, and there are two ways to address it: 1) develop strategies to prevent testicular cancer in white men and diabetes in black men, or 2) develop strategies to give white men diabetes and black men cancer, so that both demographics can be equal in terms of their physiological differences.

There are biological differences between certain human populations due to the phenomenon of evolution, whereby the human race developed differently in different parts of the world due to varying environmental factors. This is evident by the different climates from which homo sapiens are derived from. Because people groups are different from each other in regard to origin and environmental factors that play into their development as a biological taxon, there are inevitably latent racial inequalities caused by inherent differences between populations. 

This can be seen on national levels today, with massive IQ differences present between certain countries. In South Asian countries, IQ levels are relatively high, with Singapore, China, and Japan boasting national averages of at least 103 (source, another source, and another source). Meanwhile, in Sub-Saharan African countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia, and Cameroon have been found to possess a national average of 69 or below, which is often associated with mild mental retardation. On average, self-identified black Americans score 15 to 18 points lower than their white counterparts, which equates to 1 or 1.1 standard deviation lower in terms of measurable intellect. 

There are only two things that a person can do with the above information. A) Accept the differences between populations and work around these differences in order to sustain a natural, self-determining national identity, or B) assert that IQ tests are inherently racist and do not accurately present the capacity of individuals. Considering that option involves the least amount of ideological gymnastics, as Asians score higher than white people on tests and there is no determinable conspiracy among white supremacists to create an Asian master race, this article will deal mostly with the first option. 

Programs, specifically those administered at the federal and state level, geared towards correcting natural differences caused by human biodiversity are therefore attempts to artificially deconstruct the natural result of human evolution. Programs such as Affirmative Action and diversity-based hires are an admission that certain people groups are genetically, environmentally, and intrinsically inferior to white men and require the government’s assistance to compete with the evolutionary superiority of whiteness. 

No matter how one dices it, the insistence that minorities are intrinsically oppressed solely on the basis of being a minority and being underrepresented leads one to believe in a form of “equality of outcome.” Whereas the United States has historically advocated for the social theory of “equality of opportunity,” whereby every citizen has the ability to function to his or her highest capacity, the artificial upheaval of societal norms in preference of an elevated minority has lead to the predominately Marxist theory of “equality of outcome.”

Dr. Dalton Conley, a professor of sociology at Princeton University and first sociologist to win the prestigious NSF’s Alan T. Waterman Award, has defined this modern preposition as “a position that argues each player must end up with the same amount regardless of the fairness.” Though, in the thought process of modern leftism, the position of absolute final equality of all peoples in every sphere of life is fair, because the successful become mediocre and the unsuccessful become privileged. 

Insisting that minorities need a “step up” in the American game is to suggest that white American men are intrinsically superior to all other peoples, and the minorities are incapable of achieving anything great out of their own volition. The abolition of social stratification (the hierarch-ization of society) on the basis that the higher classes intrinsically oppress lower classes on the merit of simply being better off is best articulated by Karl Marx, whose ideology, when applied, resulted in the deaths of hundreds millions of people. 

The progressivist agenda in the United States, then, is rooted in the conviction that white individuals are naturally superior to non-white individuals and that the latter requires the placement of artificial structures to promote representation and achievement on their behalf.