The Royal Wedding: A Complete Thumb of the Nose at Traditionalism in Britain


This past Saturday contempt was at an all-time high by those who do not understand history, tradition, and culture, by this I am of course referring to the attitude of the bride’s side at the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle last weekend.

The wedding took place at St. George’s Chapel instead of Westminster Abbey. Because Westminister Abbey finally drew a line at the point of marrying a divorcee who does not even identify as a Christian.

The wedding was filled with so much symbolism for the rotten state of culture today. It was especially shown in the guest list on both sides. On Prince Harry side there was of course members of the royal family and other noble houses all who came in perfect dress with great respect for the traditions of Brittania. Whilst the bride’s side was filled with the Archbishops of our cultural Marxists society. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, and his wife, and even Serena Williams. One notable lacking on the bride’s side though was her father who Meghan cut all ties with after she made it big on the show Suits despite the fact that her father had gone bankrupt funding the early part of her career.

Her mother who was in attendance had a look of utter contempt for the traditions of the royals throughout the whole wedding as did the entire celebrity ensemble on the bride’s side. This attitude was most blatantly visible through the 14-minute long sermon by a black American bishop named Michael Curry.

This sermon which was a thinly veiled political lambasting and almost mocking of the Royals and the traditions in Europe they represent. This was shown by the mentioning several times of a creating of a “new world” of love. It is obvious to anyone who is familiar with postmodernist doctrine that this is in reference to the belief that everything from the old world is bigoted and should be done away with, this is of course including the institution of traditional European royalty, and creating a new cultural Marxist utopia based around sweet nothings such as the mentioning constantly of love but never defining it.

In this sermon by a supposedly Christian bishop, there were more references to Martin Luther King Junior then to God, he even managed to slip in a slavery reference. This comes to no surprise by us Americans who have to live with this antiwhite shaming on a daily basis. But the groom’s side of the wedding with all the European aristocracy throughout the whole sermon had this look of absolute shock of how anyone could have so little respect for people who have opened their arms to welcome you.

It seems the Royals are finally getting red pilled when it comes to race relations and culture. They are finally starting to see firsthand what happens when you strip away identity and only leave a multicultural shell of an existence for a people. And they are starting to see how these “new British” people have no respect for your culture or your traditions and will wash away it and any remnants left of it.

All in all this wedding was a perfect symbolic ceremony for modern multicultural Britain.