4Chan is an internet image-based forum where users can interact anonymously in threads and subthreads, spanning deep into the recesses of the internet. Birthed from the basement of 15-year-old Christopher Poole, who is now an employee at Google as of 2016, 4Chan quickly developed a distinct identity that was radically different from other internet forums from its time. 4Chan has developed an identity entirely separate from its founder’s insight or foresight. Although the majority of the internet forum is filled with anime, memes, copious amounts of weird pornography, and political incorrectness, 4Chan has acquired a sort of role akin to that of an intelligent agency

Since the election of President Donald J. Trump, dating back to late 2016, 4Chan has received a sudden increase in traffic. Alexa‘s site ranking feature and shows that the forum went from a humble 450th in the world to a soaring 185th in the span of under a year

The reason for 4Chan’ obvious success insofar as social networking and community-building? 4Chan operates as a type of skeleton key, masterfully utilizing many areas and dark recesses of the internet to compile a massive conglomeration of unstoppable internet trolls. Time and time again, the 4Chan community has proven itself capable of solving difficult cases with little more than several seconds of video footage. 4chan, a website that began as a memetic internet forum, has developed into a mature medium that is bent on protecting free speech and destroying the progressive left. It is no longer a shitty forum where stale memes are exchanged – it is a veteran internet medium where reactionaries take action. It is, in every sense of the word, a decentralized intelligence agency, capable of ruining the lives of individuals through the power of weaponized autism. 

This is not to say that “4Chan” is some sort of corporate entity that can be referred to as a monolith, as even within the scope of the website are smaller communities and threads entirely unconcerned with one another. However, it is to say that when sizeable communities on 4Chan find themselves in a unison of desire, crazy sh*t happens. The arrests of two Antifa members on the basis of their having assaulted conservative protesters, Operation Lenin Down, and the international controversy It’s Okay to be White all have fetal ties to none other than 4Chan. 

There is power in numbers, or so the saying goes, but the extremely democratic and populist nature of 4Chan goes to prove that such is reality. Although unity is rare within the dark recesses of the anonymous image board, when users find a cause to rally behind, the momentum provided is astronomical.