#MeToo has thus far been a movement that has done more harm than good. Men and women calling out legitimate rapists was never a bad thing, but as soon as the feminists got ahold of it, things quickly went downhill. It went from being a movement about strength and overcoming horrible experiences, to playing the victim and falsely accusing people of rape just to get media attention. When peoples entire lives are ruined even after accusations of rape have proven to be false, we know we have a problem.

Welsh Labour politician Carl Sargeant and his family were devastated to hear that at least three different women had accused him of sexual assault. Sargeant said in a statement, “I have written to the general secretary of Welsh Labour requesting an urgent independent investigation into these allegations in order to allow me to clear my name.” Four days later, he was found dead. Sargeant is believed to have committed suicide, and police said they were not treating it as suspicious. Due to the allegations, Carl Sargeant was suspended from Labour and even if an investigation had turned up nothing, his entire career would have been down the drain.

He wasn’t the only politician to end his life over #MeToo accusations. Remember Dan Johnson and the tragedy that occurred close to the end of the year? The Liberty Conservative writes:

The insane atmosphere created by the #MeToo movement has claimed its first life. As accusations continue to fly without evidence and due process becomes a thing of the past, Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson committed suicide after having accusations pinned on him by the mainstream media. Johnson died of a single gunshot wound on Wednesday. The bullet appeared to be self-inflicted. This came shortly after he was accused publicly of molesting a 17-year-old girl, accusations staunchly denied by the former legislator before he committed apparent suicide. 

Many believe this also to be a case of false accusation. Whether or not this is true, we will never know for certain. The fact of the matter is this; it may have been a false accusation, or things may have been greatly exaggerated. With one word, Johnson’s whole life was ruined. 

There is a third victim of the #MeToo movement, and this time, it isn’t your typical “white privileged male.” It’s a woman. 

On Wednesday, Jill Messick (Hollywood producer, and former manager to actress Rose McGowan) died in what her family claims was a suicide. Now Jill was not a direct victim of false #MeToo accusations, but she did come under fire for telling the truth. Rose McGowan accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her back in 1997, and in an email to Weinstein (that he made public without her consent) Jill Messick admits that when McGowan relayed to her what had happened that night with Weinstein and the very inappropriate hot tub situation, rape was not included in the discussion. 

Jill Messick had been battling bipolar disorder and depression for years, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Rose McGowan was disgusted by Jill’s willingness to tell the truth and stated that “she was never there for me” during the incident. Messick never wanted to be blasted on the news for “not believing her”, she just wanted to tell the truth. There’s no denying that Harvey Weinstein is a despicable human being, but this time #MeToo did more harm than good; it claimed yet another life. 

Is #MeToo worth defending on any level anymore? It’s destroying careers, it’s tearing families apart, and it’s taking lives. By all means, if someone has hurt you in this way, speak out. But don’t ruin someone’s life because you had a bad date. Don’t try to convince a world that will fall for anything that some strange man grabbing your butt measures up to actual rape cases. #MeToo isn’t saving lives, it’s taking them.