“This is Munich”: Video Shows Muslim Takeover Of Germany’s Streets


“Take a walk through Germany and see what mass immigration has done to this once proud country…” Tweeted Mark Collette, author of The Fall of Western Man, on Thursday. 

Collette included in his Tweet a video recorded by a German man in Munich. The video was a shocking display of the change Germany has undergone due to mass, Muslim, migration. 

The one-minute long video shows groups of Muslims taking up nearly every available space in an open-air shopping complex. The hijabs and long cape coverings are a stark contrast to the gorgeous Western European architecture and dazzling upscale shops of the complex. 

The Arabic chatter is out of place as it echoes in the background of the video. The contradiction of Muslim people, with their pre-enlightenment culture worn on their sleeves, so-to-speak, is jarring to the eyes as the viewer attempts to take it all in. 

Unfortunately Germany is looking more and more like Istanbul or Cairo. Give us the hope to change this!” Says Twitter user Croat Al Assad.

In traditional German fashion, the tile and cobblestone streets are immaculately clean, with the only trash to be found scattered under the feet of the Muslims. 

Muslim children are seen climbing on benches while inattentive parents and teens burry their faces in cell phones and tablets. 

Toward the end of the video, an Arab man is seen speaking aggressively to what appears to be an Arab woman. 

“People, this is Munich!” The filmer concludes before turning off the camera. And while this video may not be as immediately shocking to view as those of migrant “refugees” burning down buildings, stabbing women in the streets or looting businesses – what makes it more alarming upon reflection is how accepted and normalized this has become for Germany.

Somewhere between the cobblestones and free market capitalism of the shops, somewhere between the black-draped women and the baby buggies only carrying Arab babies – Germany lost itself and that realization can be gut-wrenching. 

 In ten years Pakistan will still be Pakistani, Syria will be Syrian, Somalia will be Somali, but will Germany be German?