The Rise of Alt Media and Five Influential Voices Leading It

Alt media

The decline of the Lame Stream Media is not surprising, especially in light of all this Russian Hacking bullshit, along with all the other pointless drivel and propaganda they spew out. Many have claimed that the CIA might be behind a lot of the media and this is getting harder and harder to dispute. More than ever, more people are turning to alternative platforms for their news and entertainment. Youtube has proven to be a great resource to people all over the world. Sharing new, interesting ideas and critical thinking skills can also lead to a better understanding of oneself and the world. Different points of view can also help refine our thoughts and give us the tools to sharpen our minds to defend them as well.

This list covers five of my favorite Youtube channels and personalities. By no means is this list static or definite, things can always change…

5. Tommy Robinson

You probably know Tommy from The English Defense League, which he has left citing concerns of violence, and his staunch, in-your-face opposition to Islam in the UK; looks like he has a gig with our friends up North at Rebel Media. I am also a fan of his videos where he confronts Muslim Men who are accused of operating grooming gangs.

In today’s politically correct society, it is a good thing we have someone like Tommy speaking out against the toxic effects of Islam in his country. It serves as an example to the rest of the world what they are up against when they let Islam into their societies, but more importantly, it can teach us the courage to take up the cause in our communities that are affected by retrograde cultural practices.

4. Jeff P

I’m not too sure how I stumbled upon Jeff P’s channel or any of this Planet X stuff, but once I did, I was hooked. Jeff does an excellent job of sorting through and analyzing webcam footage from all over the world to prove his theories about Nibiru and how they are hiding it, while telling us about our impending destruction in various mediums. I’m not too sure about Jeff’s background, but I believe in self-learning and observation and if you have evidence to back up your claims, then maybe you are onto something. Jeff compares what he sees to the technology disclosed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the similarities might surprise you!

3. Styxhexenhammer666

Alright everyone, at number 3 we have Styxhexenhammer who has a very diverse channel, featuring content on politics, current events, the occult, occult literature, gardening, philosophy, MRE reviews (which are very fun to watch), and ranting about neoliberals.

Styx’s channel is very enjoyable to watch because there are many topics he covers, all of which he has a knowledge of and at the same time, distilling his thoughts and ideas into an easy to follow format. I believe there is something for everyone on his channel.

2. RichieFromBoston

RichieFromBoston’s channel focuses on “conspiracy”, from chemtrails, CERN, Illuminati/Freemasons to population control, his channel is varied in content enough to stay interesting but has a thread running through it. His biggest, and initial focus is chemtrails and WHY they are in the sky. He also has videos on how to make a bug-out bag.

1. Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a fountain of wisdom. He talks a lot about the SJW Left, how to stop procrastinating, culture, general self-help and how cleaning your room can change the world.

Peterson is a staunch advocate for freedom of speech and fervently anti PC. He even went before the Canadian Senate to protest Bill C16, which has to do with using the proper pronouns and of course if you don’t expect fines and possibly jail time. Again, like Tommy Robinson, it is refreshing to see individuals devoted to the ideals that are slowly being chipped away by the PC movement all over the world. Peterson is certainly one of the most well-spoken and logical making him an invaluable asset and possibly a future leader, in some capacity I suspect, against the SJW Left.

If you are already knowledgeable of these channels then good for you. If you are not, then I hope that at least one of these channels will be a source of information and ideas for you. If you are not satisfied or disagree with the approach or ideas of these people, then I implore you to start your own Youtube channel. Perhaps you see something the rest of us are missing?