Donald Trump is taking a long trip to Asia in hopes of strengthening diplomatic and economic relations. Also on the list of agendas, is the topic of North Korea’s nuclear threat. Even among all this chaos in the states, National Security Adviser H.R McMaster said that the world is “running out of time” to deal with the threat of North Korea. It’s now or never. 

Besides putting up with the madness of the after math in New York, Antifa is preparing themselves for their biggest night of the year. Tomorrow is November 4th, the date set by the domestic terrorist group to wreak havoc. There is a complete list of places they’re planning to disrupt, so if your city is on this list, just stay inside tomorrow. 

Some may say it’s fake news or just another right wing conspiracy, but the proof is right there on their website. They lay out what their plans are, where they plan on doing it, and how they plan on doing it. A Twitter user and VICE writer named @KrangTNelson  tweeted, “Can’t wait for November 4th when millions of antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents and small business owners in the town square.” The Tweet has since been removed. Is this a joke? At this point it isn’t easy to tell when these people are joking and when they’re being serious. Even if it is a joke, I don’t see anyone laughing. These degenerates need to be plucked from our streets. 

So where does Donald Trump fit into all of this? Well, he doesn’t. According to the Nazi looking refuse Fascism site, the protest starts tomorrow and does not end until the Trump/Pence regime is over. They want to overthrow the government and replace it with a new order of communistic ideas. From what I’ve gathered, they plan to stand there and cry until they finally get what they want. The SJW’s will be holding lanterns and glow sticks, while the more terrorist Antifa types hold guns and knives. All this talk of “ending Trump” and Trump won’t even be there. Instead, police, and most likely counter protesters will be there to meet them with a “come at me bro” attitude. This is what I love about Trump; he rolls his eyes, and attends to matters that are actually important. Antifa throwing the worlds largest tempter tantrum does not concern him.  

The following is sort of off the record as I can no longer find the link to the podcast, but while scrolling through Gab, I saw that someone had posted that if Antifa became a threat to their safety, they would shoot to kill. If anyone has the link to this post or the podcast, go ahead and post it down in the comments below. If you are planning to counter protest Antifa, be the better group and leave violence out of it. Don’t make the right look like Antifa. 

By the time Trump returns to the States, this will either be old news, or it will still be the talk of the Nations. Either a few weak minded people will take to the streets, or there will be chaos. Tomorrow is a new day.                  

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