Trump and Wikileaks Take on the CIA Deep State


President Donald Trump is cleaning house. Rumors abound that he is discovering moles and plugging holes. On March 4th, he took on the dying establishment via Twitter and accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the presidential election.

In 1914, a union leader named Nicholas Klein said, “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” The media has had a tumultuous relationship with Donald Trump. He began his campaign in controversy, and they never seemed capable of figuring out his method for success.  

In the beginning of his campaign, The Huffington Post arrogantly reported about Trump in their entertainment section, until they realized that the stone was still rolling and not gathering any moss. The Huffington Post shared the sentiments of the mainstream media, most of the Democratic Party, and large sections of the Republican Party.

These establishment types have remained the enemies of the movement that has undergirded Donald Trump. From the moment he announced his presidential run to his inaugural address, Trump has promised to govern on behalf of the American people.

He has argued that every nation has a duty to put their own interests before those of the international community. As President of the United States, he made the outlandish promise to advocate first for the American people. Similar “populist” movements have sprung up across the West, as citizens seek to reclaim their nations from the grasps of corporate interests and leftist cultural tyranny.

Trump knew that he had to beat the media at their own game if he was ever to reach the Presidency. He spoke brashly and openly as he shattered the ever-stiffening norms of a politically tame society. The more outrageously he portrayed himself, the more he ascended in political polls. He and the movement before him eventually became too big too ignore. The media seemed unable to stop writing about him. He had burrowed his way into their heads.

Their ridicule transformed into fear and aggression. To many, it became clear that Trump was taking on more than the political establishment. He was taking on the entire media, plus entertainment and other industries. Donald Trump has withstood the greatest political assault in history, facing sabotage externally and internally from the primaries to the present day.

Enter the “Russian hacker” fake news conspiracy theory. For months, the mainstream media has been attempting to smear Trump with lies about him and his administration. Despite securing no actual proof, the media (and those credulous enough to trust them) have continued to peddle the lie that he has dubious ties to the Russian government.

Then the President fought back with his wiretapping accusations. The New York Times and other outlets denied the claims, of course.

Days later, a most interesting thing happened. Wikileaks began to release the largest cache of intelligence documents in its ten-year history — “Vault 7.” The documents go on to prove that under Barack Obama’s watch, the CIA did things much more egregious than mere wiretapping.

The CIA has had the ability to hack into almost any modern computerized device. Their “wiretapping” capabilities cover cell phones, automobiles, television sets, laptops, and more. Furthermore, the leaks revealed the CIA’s ability to falsely attribute a cyber attack to an innocent party.

Trump’s team has had to defend itself repeatedly from claims of questionable Russian involvement. These claims have all originated from leaked conversations from within the White House. Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom remarked on Twitter:

The lying media and their darling Obama have a lot of backpedaling to do as they remain silent on the Vault 7 leaks. As it turns out, Trump’s accusation was much tamer than the truth itself. The leaks could not have come at a more convenient time. Or was it convenience at all?

Did President Trump have foreknowledge of the Vault 7 leaks? The timing of these corresponding events seems to fit too perfectly. Are President Trump and Wikileaks cooperating in an offensive against the deep state? Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange and President Trump have both determined to bring accountability to power.

Might there be an alliance forming? The public may never know the answer to that question, but one thing is certain. The people are bringing torches and flashlights to the rulers in the shadows, and the strongholds of the establishment are crumbling. And Trump is on a mission to sweep out all the rubble.