The U.S. Military Has Space Aggressor Units Training for Alien Encounters

Space Aggressors

The U.S. Military Has Space Aggressor Units Training for Alien Encounters

Within the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the United States Military currently has two teams of Air Force Specialists: 26th Space Aggressor Squadron (26th SAS) and the 527th Space Aggressor Squadron (527th SAS); space aggressor squadron units that have been designed to simulate what warfare might be like if we were invaded by an outside planetary enemy.

They are known as aggressor unites because their mission is to defeat us at extraterrestrial combat.

“We play the bad guys,” said Captain Christopher Barnes, chief of training for the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron. “Our job is to not only understand the different types of threats and potential enemies, but also to be able to portray them and replicate them for the good guys, our Air Force.”

Image result for independence day countdown timerSpace Aggressors train troops to make strategic use of space resources, for example by engaging in “brute force jamming,” which uses satellite networks to transmit signals to make any original message unintelligible to outsiders.


Basically how “Independence Day” starts.

So how does all this work, and by that I mean, how can mainstream military effectively have any clue how an alien attack would go down, and can therefore evolve to protect against it … 

Well apparently, all if it hinges upon our loss of satellites.

In terms of how we are presented with how our military works, of course this makes sense. Space assets control how we launch missiles, they affect our GPS, our communications, navigation … our entire defensive structure, on a planetary scale, hinges upon satellites. 

We think of high tech planetary military, and we imagine signals bouncing off of satellites, very mission impossible-esque … because that is what we see in movies; and frankly our exposure to breakthrough developments in technology is very filtered.


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That is now changing.

Due to the election of Trump, the Deep State (the shadow government within the government) has become mainstream. CIA documents, such as Vault 7 are being released to the public. Those mysterious instances of money going missing, now are beginning to make sense.


What we are presented with in terms of what our military is capable of, is not true. The Deep State military is far more evolved, as well as the space program.


Space WardenWe are, at the same time being programmed to think of aliens in a very certain way, very fossil fuel/old school-ish, like they would use missiles or lasers to attack us, for example.

These are beings that have traversed distances we cannot comprehend, and yet somehow lack the necessary genitalia to reproduce, forcing them to perform crude, nazi-like experiments on us for decades, only to be stumped to discover the technology that allows them to overcome this sexual weakness … and therefore endlessly need to experiment on us, continuously eludes them.

Beings that have traveled distances we cannot comprehend, developed technology beyond our way of living … energy that is beyond fossil fuel’s capability.

Now you are challenging arguably one of the most powerful forms of industry to rule the planet. 

Our planet’s history is a blink in the eye of the universe. We have discovered billions of habitable planetary environments at this point …

There are even moons in our solar system that have water, including our own moon!

Do you think are not told of aliens because they are aliens?

It is because the concept of extraterrestrial life represents a breakthrough in energy … it has to, how else do these beings get here?

And what exactly would they attack us for … think about it for a secondwhat resources do we actually have that WARRANT a war for? 

Water? Gold? Diamonds? Us?

Water and gold are universally abundant. Diamonds are useless.

Crystals are the next talk of high tech data storage, yet we spend thousands on diamond rings that basically do nothing, but are nice and pretty.

We have the former Canadian Prime Minister of Defense explaining our existing relationship with aliens:

There are whistleblowers upon whistleblowers, yet we have this kind of article coming out? … about how we are aggressively training to deal with terrorism in space?

It’s a propaganda piece. They are mentally prepping us for the next war. Star wars, the never ending intergalactic war, in which terrorism, the perfect enemy, who can never be truly defeated, exists in all facets of interstellar life.

Does it not make sense, that if an outside planetary threat emerged, suddenly our governments and militaries must unite under one banner … to conquer this great and powerful threat? 

CIA came up with this concept: Project BlueBeam.